Our Family

Our Family

Friday, October 5, 2012


Let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall. —1 Corinthians 10:12

I've re-injured my ankle, so jogging is out for me for awhile:( I love to run, nothing gives me the benefits as running does. Rachel has encouraged me to start biking with her outdoors, we have been on a few long, hard rides, it's scary to be near so many car's, and so much action, I'm used to my quiet garage. But it's also exciting, and Rach and I always have a blast together.
Chloe after ballet
 I hope you all watched the presidential debates?? We made it a huge deal around here, I feel like our children need to know about America's current state. We try to answer as many questions that get tossed around here, if I don't know the answer, multiple times a day you'll hear me say, "Let's Google it" So while we were watching the debates we made it clear to the little girls they must be quiet!!! So Sadie quietly sat and colored, and drew, after the debates were over she stands on the coffee table with her poster. President Romney Yes, President Obama No. Pretty much sums up how we felt the debates went!
 On another note, Lynda gave me some awesome fabric, That I had been coveting:) I tossed my old zebra pillows and made two new ones with this linen zebra print.

Wow I've enjoyed a whole hour to myself this A.M, house is so quiet, enjoying my oatmeal, and coffee! Have a blessed day, Shirley


  1. Yes... we listened to the presidential debates as well. :) I think we agree on the end results here. Yes, Romney, No Obama. ;)

  2. Even a small child can see what we need....now to make the adults in this country understand! :-)

  3. Agreed Audra out of the mouth of babes!