Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The humble [God] teaches His way. —Psalm 25:9

Guess who's driving?!!???!!!! Little John, on a learners permit 
At first I was so 1000x's scared, the learners permit isn't just for teens to learn to drive, but for parents to learn to trust as well!! 
At 6 years old, last weekend Sadie woke on a Saturday, and said, "Dad I'm ready to take off my training wheels," So off they went and off she went, a pro!!! 
 OK don't hate me, I wanted to post a few pictures on dresse's!!!! As you know we went to a wedding last week, well I hit up every store in San Diego county!! No joke! from 10:A.M, till 8P.M, you think I'm nuts, but I could not find a dress I loved, for the life of me, so in-between drop off's and pick-up's I would dash in try some on, take pictures send them to John, then run out! Finally Little John said, mom I'll watch the girls you go with Sage and she'll help you! So Sage was on it, she helped me a lot. The same thing happened to me the last wedding I went to! I think there needs to be specialty stores that just specialize in "dress's" nothing else, except the under garments that go with them!!! Cause let me tell you that's another special trip to find undergarments that don't show!!!! Ugh you can tell my frustration!
 to super high end, couldn't find anything, I liked this one, but it was a little out of my price range, OK not a little, a LOT!!!

 John liked this one, but it was made of super thin fabric, kinda like a panty hose
 Finally defeated Sage and I went to for-ever21, I found two dresses that were OK, I settled on one but bought both, just in case! Now I have one already ready to go for the next wedding!

 Now on to morning lunches, just so you get a little idea what my counter looks like most morning's!
 To keep our pantry stocked requires many frequent trips to the grocery store a week!
I know all over the place again, but that's my life right now! Chloe and I are off to her ballet class. Blessings this beautiful day, Shirley

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