Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Away from the world

Oh how I'm lovin the book I'm reading called A Woman After Gods Own Heart, I'm sitting here waiting for Chloe's Ballet class to get over, I want to share with you what I'm reading, the chapter I'm on talks about alone time with God. How important in the quiet of your own home, in your heart, just how inparetive it is to spend time alone with God! What does that mean? Well for me it's about being thankful, I open my heart to God and give thanks, ill name off things like my family, parents, friends, then I go into prayers for others, for example "Please God, help so and so, bring that person the desires of their heart, heal, give peace, guidance, etc...  After that I read some scripture, and meditate on it, I try to understand what I'm reading and how it applys to my life. Here is a snipet of what I read today:
I exchange my weariness for His strength,
my weakness for His power,
My darkness for His light
My problems for His solutions
My burdens for His freedom
My frustrations for His peace
My turmoil for His calm
My hopes for His promises
My afflictions for His balm of comfort
My questions for His answers
My confusion for His knowledge
My doubt for His assurance
My nothingness for His awesomeness
The temporal for the eternal
And the impossible for the possible

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  1. That was wonderful! I so need Godly woman in my life to encourage me. Thank You!