Our Family

Our Family

Monday, October 29, 2012

Give thanks

Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength, whose heart departs from the Lord. —Jeremiah 17:5

Good morning! We had a great weekend, my sweet friend Theresa came from Camarillo, to visit us. She brought her two adorable babies. She's a photographer, and offered to take our family pictures on the beach. Here is a teaser she gave me, can't wait to see the rest! A huge thank you Theresa  
 Luke came over last week to visit, we all can't believe how big he's getting, we all are head over heels

 But Chloe will always be our baby! She makes sure we don't forget, especially when Luke is here!!!
 We pretty much were taken over with babies, From left, Chloe Rachel, baby T.J, Johnny and Luke, Sadie, Lena, Sage, So much fun.....
 Sadie, Chloe, and Lena
 Luke is no longer the Blob, he grabs, eats, kisses, love this shot, he's got auntie lipstick marks, and drool
 John has sample events from time to time, the people he hired didn't show up, so Little John and him handled it! I had to get down there and take some shots.
 The Village, had a fun Halloween event, where all the merchants handed out candy, the girls went wild!

Ok time to get Sadie to school, God bless today, give thanks! Shirley

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Naked came I out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return thither: the LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD. Job 1:21

Received some very sobering news yesterday of the passing of my cousin. He was a extremely bright boy, with everything going for him, a year or so away from becoming a doctor. Oh how our hearts broke, why??? Addiction is a powerful force, we thought he had it beat... We all hear of tradigies like this happening, but when it hits home, you ask yourself what could we have done to help? God does give the power of choice, and we must all make our own. Your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated for my uncle and his daughter, who are hurting.  
A donation in Alex's name payable to the Dr. Virginia L. Martin Endowed Science Scholarship - Queens University. Donations can be sent to:
Queens University of Charlotte
ATTN: Dr. Virginia L. Martin Endowed Science Scholarship
1900 Selwyn Ave.
Charlotte, NC 28274
(please include Alex Uhler's name in a memo line) 
The closest I feel to God, is in the night right before I fall asleep, this is when I realize yes I have a great family, people who love me, but really it's between God and I, no one else, when I die, I'll die alone, I just want to make sure my heart is right before my maker! Love, Shirley

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The humble [God] teaches His way. —Psalm 25:9

Guess who's driving?!!???!!!! Little John, on a learners permit 
At first I was so 1000x's scared, the learners permit isn't just for teens to learn to drive, but for parents to learn to trust as well!! 
At 6 years old, last weekend Sadie woke on a Saturday, and said, "Dad I'm ready to take off my training wheels," So off they went and off she went, a pro!!! 
 OK don't hate me, I wanted to post a few pictures on dresse's!!!! As you know we went to a wedding last week, well I hit up every store in San Diego county!! No joke! from 10:A.M, till 8P.M, you think I'm nuts, but I could not find a dress I loved, for the life of me, so in-between drop off's and pick-up's I would dash in try some on, take pictures send them to John, then run out! Finally Little John said, mom I'll watch the girls you go with Sage and she'll help you! So Sage was on it, she helped me a lot. The same thing happened to me the last wedding I went to! I think there needs to be specialty stores that just specialize in "dress's" nothing else, except the under garments that go with them!!! Cause let me tell you that's another special trip to find undergarments that don't show!!!! Ugh you can tell my frustration!
 to super high end, couldn't find anything, I liked this one, but it was a little out of my price range, OK not a little, a LOT!!!

 John liked this one, but it was made of super thin fabric, kinda like a panty hose
 Finally defeated Sage and I went to for-ever21, I found two dresses that were OK, I settled on one but bought both, just in case! Now I have one already ready to go for the next wedding!

 Now on to morning lunches, just so you get a little idea what my counter looks like most morning's!
 To keep our pantry stocked requires many frequent trips to the grocery store a week!
I know all over the place again, but that's my life right now! Chloe and I are off to her ballet class. Blessings this beautiful day, Shirley

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sage's 13th!!!

In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. —1 Thessalonians 5:18
Happy 13th birthday Sage Merced 
John and I went to a wedding in Newport, Friday, returned Saturday afternoon. So we had little time to put together Sage's party, I did put a few things together earlier in the week so we wouldn't be crazy rushed. I bought a fire pit off Craigslist, did a Costco run, so things went really smoothly.  
Sage made herself a great group of friends pretty fast, although she misses her friends back home desperately, it's been a blessing for her to connect with others. Second to left her cousin Kana
Storm clouds started to roll in......
Bubba and his two cuties
 John and I

Officially a teen
Two different cameras going off!
Sage and Casandra 
Rain rain go away come back another day!!! 
Love this shot, we wrapped things up pretty quickly then packed all the kids into my ride and headed home, just what I wanted, 10 teens, all wet and muddy coming home with me!!! JK, I loved it all
Look who came!! Luke
 Johnny and Luke
 Oh this little guy just melts our hearts, he's been such a blessing to our family
 Here's the crew
John and I on our little getaway, we had so much fun at the wedding, it was at the Pelican Hotel Newport. So funny we checked into our hotel, put our things down in the "Master room" then checked out the suit, it was really beautiful, then John say's, what's this door to?" Oh our master bedroom, it was a two bedroom suit, it made us instantly miss the kids....

Monday, October 15, 2012

A week's worth!!

Whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock. —Matthew 7:24

Two Bat Girls!!!
 Sadie to the rescue!!!

The girls got their Halloween Costumes after about an hour debate! It's never a good idea for them to have separate costumes, because Chloe will eventually want what Sadie has, and make a huge fuss about it! 
Super Chloe
Awe we've been spending more and more time with this little fellow, he now completely recognizes us, and lights up when he see's us. We love him so much. 
Luke and his big cousins playing
Last week we had a down pour it was fabulous! It left just as quickly as it came:( But God's promise was splashed across the sky!! Chloe and I marveled at His beauty.

 Words can't express the happiness of having my sister Rachel near me! We shared a room till about age 13! We would wrap our ankles around each other in bed, in case a kidnapper ever tried anything!!! John wanted to treat her to dinner to let her know how much we love and appreciate all her time and effort with us and the kids! I'm telling you I have a chauffeur, nanny, best friend, housekeeper, shopper, all rolled into my sister Rachel!
 The four
 Rach and I
 My sweet beautiful daughter Sage and Sadie
 At any random time throughout the day you'll hear this! Watch out Taylor Swift, Sadie is in the house!
OK time to relax, Rachel had the day off so we took Chloe to the beach, then ran to pick up Sag/Sadie from school, back to the beach for the last rays of the day=blessed! Love Shirley