Our Family

Our Family

Friday, August 24, 2012


Whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it. —Luke 9:24
Good morning, Trying to squeeze the last lazy summer days, not wanting those hectic rushed mornings, that are right around the corner!! Big kids are still sleeping little girls are begging for eggs, bacon, toast! Sadie made a menu, Chloe's going up stairs to wake the big kids up! I love summer time, no schedules, fun beach day's, relaxing! Wednesday it's back to reality.....
 Sadie begged to set the table for dinner last night
 Coco wanted in on the action
 A mothers work is never done! I felt like half of my summer was spent right here in the kitchen
 After dinner we took the kids to the park for football, and volleyball
 Some how, my phone always ends up with John or Sadie!
 Then big sister made a chocolate cake with the little girls, and very fitting after chocolate cake, we settled in for an episode of Biggest Loser !
Aunt Susan and I took the girls to a few consignment shops, where you bring in your old clothes and they give you either cash or store credit for your goods! We received $40, credit and Sage found some really cute things! Here's Sage and Kana at a bakery 

OK soo the reason my title is called warranty's is John and I have learned the hard way that "they" really aren't trying to rip you off by offering a warranty at the end of a huge purchase! We now buy the best warranty we can, on everything! That being said the flash on my new Canon stopped raising, so off to Best Buy I went, they were going to package it up and ship it to Cannon, but wait, "how would I like a new upgraded model for free?????" Yes please!!! So now I have the Rebel T3i.
Time to get my workout done, the morning's of drinking coffee, playing with kids, till 11, are coming to a end:(( I want to start my day's early, get house clean, workout done before 9, once school starts,.
Blessings today, Love Shirley

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