Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Volley Ball/Dinner

Comfort, yes, comfort My people! —Isaiah 40:1

Sage has had a great volley ball summer camp 4 weeks of playing on the beach! I'm so living through my daughter! I played in middle school and one year in high school, and loved every second! She is a natural, and will go far 
 Sage and her coach Noel, Noel has been amazing, she is such a sweet, patient inspiring person, Sage learned so much, and made some great friends.
 Last night my childhood buddy Haley and her family are here visiting her in-laws, they invited us to dinner, we had a great time seeing them her two boys are the cutest. Gage, and John
 The girls had a dance off

 No one can get me going like Haley! When you are friends with someone since 5th grade, you have MANY inside jokes, memories, in a matter of minutes she had me laughing so hard, I was sweating! That's her wiping her tears from laughing. Sage shot this, wish I would have got more shots, loved visiting with them. Oh we laughed about our "style or lack there of in the day" body suits, jerseys, stone wash jeans, perms, lip liner, cuffed jeans. How could you have let me out of the house mom????
 Gage being silly
 Ugh I have to hurry, I'm using my pass to the spa!
So yesterday morning John's phone starts ringing off the hook, women calling him asking "Where can I buy your Coconut Water???" Why he asked, whats going on?? Well Jenny Garth was spotted holding one in New York, I jumped up and down, sounds silly, but starting a brand from the ground up, then seeing it being carried around by a celebrity, is huge! So proud of John, he's amazing at what he does.

OK time to get going, Shirley


  1. So, what is it that John does? :) I have never heard. Does he make health products? :)

  2. He's the Vice President of a company called Mavericks brands. They launched a Coconut water that he put on the market and it's doing well;))

  3. Yeah John! I was wanting to try his coconut water, but couldn't find any....guess I'll have to try it through Amazon.