Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Poor John

He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength. —Isaiah 40:29

Poor John is all I can say! With three girls, who are into fashion, shopping can get crazy on our bank account! We are starting school shopping this week, my goal was to take one child at a time, get what they need, then drop that child off at home, pick up another. But, Sadie wanted to make little sister jealous and rub in her face, that yesterday was her day alone with momma, shopping. It backed fired and Chloe threw a pretty good tantrum, so she came with us! Then Sage wanted to tag along as well, wish you could have seen John's face as we went out the door, to shop, shear terror! 
 First store H&M, super cute affordable children's clothes. Sadie and Chloe are hilarious! The moment we walked in the music was blasting, and they both started to dance! Hands in the air, not caring who was watching! Sage and I looked at each other, and smiled.
 On the car ride over, Sadie out of the blue says, "Mom I don't want to ever have a baby," Why I asked, "Well it's just to much work," she said. I went on to tell her what a blessing children are, and yes in the begging it's a lot of work but nothing is more rewarding, Sage jumped in telling her how fun it is to dress a little girl up, Sadie wasn't buying any of it! She rolled her eye's and in closing she said, "nope I 'm going to live with momma, forever, we will be best friends and do everything together!" Sage tried her hardest, and said, "who will take care of you, when your old and mom is in heaven?" She said, "you and your kids will!" Chloe was totally agreeing with her sister the whole time, yep I'm not having kids, and I'm going to live with momma always too! These girls crack me up
Yesterday a dear friend who I grew up with came to visit, she lives very close by, I haven't seen her since high school! She has matured into a beautiful, wise, caring mother. Hope to see more of her! Have a great day, I'm going to wash both car's, do my nails, run, clean house, then take Sage to the doctor. After all that, and about two iced coffee's, it's bubu's turn for a little retail therapy! No sisters in tow!! Blessings Shirley

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