Our Family

Our Family

Monday, August 13, 2012

Chloe's 4th

I spread out my hands to You; my soul longs for You like a thirsty land. —Psalm 143:6

Guess who's 4 today!! Chloe
I can't believe it, my baby, 4 years old, where did the time go? I feel like I treat her like she's still 2. She will be my last baby, kinda sad, how fast time has flown
Her first present from Grandma Cindy and Papa John, a cupcake making set, and apron, she loved it as you can tell from her pictures, 
 Checking out her cake
 Chloe and I
 Sadie testing the frosting

 We had a family dinner, my side and John's were both here. And guest of honor baby Luke! Rachel's second time seeing him, she fell in love with him all over again. WE kinda fought over who he liked best, but I think Luke loves both his aunties! He did melt with Rachel, and he still cry's when I smile at him, but I can get him to sleep. And one day he'll stop being scared of me, and know how much I love him1
 I love seeing John and Sage being so attentive towards their little sisters.
 Yes candy
 I wanted to snap this pictures for my Grandma, and momma, and aunt Becky, three of the Uhler Boys. On the left Aunt Ellen, Rachel(sis-n-law) Kurt (uncle) Sage and John, my brother Johnny, Me, Rachel(sister) Uncle Ted, aunt Kristen, and Uncle Mark. They all live in San Diego, it was a thrill to have them all at our home, we love them all, they are so smart, funny, positive, such amazing uncles.
 John's aunt Susan, the back of Kari's head, (John's first cousin), and her beautiful daughter Kona, son Kelen, can't tell you how happy I am to live close to family! WE went wayyy to long without family close by.

Aunties fighting over our baby
 Poor Luke always surrounded by girls vying for his attention
 Rachel and Johnny and baby Luke
Hope you enjoyed, Chloe is still in Birthday mode, today is her actual birthday, she is a light to us, a precocious little angle, sent to John and I, she slept with us last night and held both our hands, telling us she loves us so much. Well Chloe we feel the same way, always love, laugh, live life to the fullest, we will always be here supporting you,  Love Momma


  1. Family get togethers are the best as are children's birthdays!

  2. Happy Birthday Chloe! I love the apron and cupcake set for a gift. So cool.