Our Family

Our Family

Monday, July 9, 2012

Washington trip

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights. —James 1:17

Finally a moment to sit and type. The girls and I had a pretty amazing time in Washington. I've been going to Washington since I was a little girl. My grandparents, bought over 30 acres of land, dividing it up amongst their children. It's like my Bishop, my other home. Although I did enjoy my time "off" as a full time mommy, I missed the girls so much!  I now know how I sound on the phone, when I called to check in, this is how my mom or dad sounded, "OK Chloe, No Sadie, wait a minute, what did you say, I said in a minute, yes you can have that," So sorry to any friend brave enough to call me! My girls are now going to learn that when I'm on the phone no interruptions!! But I had to laugh....
Coming down the escalator at the airport, all I heard was Mommy!! And just like that my mom hat came right back on! 
 Thanks mom and dad, I never had to worry, fret, I knew the girls were in the best hands.
And a huge thanks to you Rach, I love watching you with the girls, you always make sure they are super cozy, groomed, loved, the last night we were there I loved seeing you make all three laugh soo hard with your rhythms, you truly are like a second momma, to my four. Love you
And no we did not coordinate our outfits!!! 
 Downtown Spokane is soo cool, old brick buildings, cool shops, in a way it reminds me of "Gotham City"

 Wish Jenn's was here
 The girls have been "unplugged" for most of the trip, but the moment I got there, mom can I play on your phone!!
 Going up the driveway
 The view
 Sadie, Chloe, and Claire thei cousin

 Picking mint at Great Grandma Joann's
 Saide helping Poppa
 Fan Lake, ohh I fell in love, we went three day's in a row, one day twice!!
 Rachel had to get this shot, I'm not particularly a "animal" person, but my parents kinda adopted Yoshi, so here he is driving with me.
 The fourth, what a blessed day, my Anutie, and Uncle put on a amazing BBQ, in their barn
 First, second, cousin's, and Grandma Joanna
My other two cousin's Adam, on the far left with eye's closed, and Seth with the cap on, only picture I got of these two:( 

 Coco, and Justice

 My cousin Jordan, the rock star. He turned 21 on the fourth, Jordan is the first baby I remember changing, I went a summer to stay with my Aunty, and I was his nanny, loving every minute, It blows my mind that he is a man now! Love you Jordin

 Kids just make everything! Seeing their excitement, joy, just touched my heart
 Rachel, Aunt Becky, momma
 Dad holding Justice, and Chloe
 Michelle and Sage
 Pappa alway's so patient
 Sarah and Justice

 After the BBQ, we drove to the Kalispel Tribe, reservation, so beautiful. Buffalo were roaming, we were blown away with their generosity, free food, toys for the kids, how ironic, celebrating America, after the white man came in causing so much hurt, killing's, taking away their land. But with God's grace, they celebrate.

 Grandma and mom
 Four generations
 My cousin Sharon, Steven, and Claire, Justice, so beautiful!
 Sage, Michelle, and my cousin Gabe's son Oliver
 Round two Fan Lake
 On the other side of the lake, a all American summer camp, just like in the movies, we watched them kayak, hike, the lunch bell go off, chant's, sing, yell, I want to send mine their next summer! That's Sage and Michelle in the kayak.
 William, and I behind them in the yellow
 Next Smores
If you know us Hess girls, we love to shop! Rachel takes the cake, she should, could easily become a personal shopper! Anyway we had a mini Marathon shopping spree, left the house at 10, came back at 10!! Papa graciously watched the little girls.

The lake day three!
 Momma and Chloe
The girls were obsessed with the baby horses
There he is, Uncle Rand, he is a man of great integrity, morals, but most of all love! He's counseled, guided many in the ways of God. Sucha great heart, love you uncle

Papa and his girls
Sage, Sadie
The lady behind it all, my Auntie Becky, she has loved, fed, cared for more than I can count! Her heart and door are always open, in all the world you can't find someone as sweet as Becky! She's our family's "Mother Theresa"
Wow traveling over by myself, so quiet, I read, drank coffee, listened to music, got annoyed with small kids, JK! But the way back with four girls, crazzzyyy! They all love to travel, Sadie thinks she knows exactly where we need to go, so with her backpack, carry on, she's off, I had to keep raining her inn! I so regret not getting pictures of us walking in the airport, what a sight, we all had two bags each, John has made me into a no baggage check girl, carry on everything! 
Oh notice Coco's bandage? Well while loading up the car, she got into her car seat, with her door open, she scooted over for her sisters, and fell out of Papa's truck, oh the horror! She scraped her chin. 
Well thanks to everyone who helped with the girls, John for your generosity letting us have a fun adventure, blessing's, Shirley

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