Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Double post

Now I beg you, brethren, . . . that you strive together with me in prayers to God for me. —Romans 15:30

This is a combo blog post first one about our fun, hot, tiring, leg aching day at Sea World!! 
I thought it would be a great idea to take all five kids by myself!! Actually it was, out of all the amusement parks, Sea World would have to be my first choice. So much to see, it's fresh, clean, exciting. But like all parks, the second I get there, my legs seem to ache, the girls seem to want everything, the older kids want to take off! Besides all this we did manage to see a lot, do a lot, and have a great time! 
 We got blessed with free "southern California City passes, three adults and one kid, so we get to go to a bunch of parks free! But we still had one child and an adult ticket to buy, these tickets are expensive!!! So I went to my trusted, thrifty site Craigslist and scored tickets for $40! I was a little unsure of the tickets at first but they worked. Being in the thrifty mood I was, I packed lunches, snacks, water, all this went so fast, that with the heat, we wanted more..... So we looked like vultures attacking the Turkey Leg, seriously it was gross, we all were greasy, fighting over pieces I joked that we looked like a pack of wolfs.
 Two beauty's, Michelle, and Sage
 The starfish petting tank
Now for post number two! Bianca and her two cuties Kristen and Roman came to visit!! 
Bianca and I 
Roman and Chloe
 Personal Space
 Bianca and her two
We are really loving our new town, we kinda feel like were on a vacation all the time! Downtown is always hopping, we caught a fire show, then had canolies, and lattes. 

 Sadie was so thrilled to have her BFF here! She was jumping running, hooting and hollering everywhere we went!

  Morning time was coming to a close
 Surprise!! Lynda offered to have my three, John, Sage and Sadie come with Bianca and stay with her, for a couple of day's! They were soo excited to go "home" and see their friends. Thanks Bianca, for coming, we love you all.
OK you must tune in tomorrow I'll be posting our ottoman!! It turned out is it OK to say ummmm perfect?!
Also please, please say a prayer for my computer to be restored! The hard drive crashed, and alllll my photo's, videos are on it!! After manyyyy nice, "Hey you need to get your photo's backed up", from friends/ family, I didn't do it!!!!! So now big buck's, and running around trying desperately to save it! Love you all and miss many of you! Shirley

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