Our Family

Our Family

Monday, July 16, 2012

Blender/tufted ottoman

Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth. —Ephesians 4:29
Another beautiful day to give thanks! We had a great weekend, Saturday we went to a birthday party, for our friends little boy who turned 5. Then yesterday church, beach, then game night! We laughed so hard during Taboo, I got a little too competitive!!
OK soo my blender of 9 years a Cuisinart blender finally gave out after many protein shakes! So off to Bed Bath and Beyond to find thee perfect blender....... I purchased the Ninja!! We all are completely impressed!! It comes with three single serve blending cups, perfect for us, after the gym, John and I make a protein shake with spinach, flax, berries, and after football little John makes his own. Before the clean up was intense, but now we all make our own, in our own cups, simple clean-up.
Michelle and I are going to do health packed shakes this whole week!
Bubs and his little sisters
 We went exploring downtown San Diego
 Sage and I
 Sage and Michelle
 We brought one stroller, problem both girls were having a horrible debate on who should ride in it!
We need a coffee table in our family room, I've been searching, high and low, trying to find the perfect one! Yesterday I jumped on-line and found a DIY tufted Ottoman tutorial, always wanting to find a deal, (thanks Momma I inherited this from you), I looked on Craigslist and found thee perfect coffee table for $20!!! Hoping to pick it up today, I'll take lots of pictures 
Inspiration photo's
So I was racking my brain on how I can save some major money on this project, I need grey velvet fabric, upohltery buttons, foam. While vacuuming upstairs, I remembered Sage's grey velvet curtains, 
(light bulb moment)
I'm going to use them for the Ottoman, I love the color a charcoal grey, and the quality is great! So wish me luck, this is a pretty intense project, John will be needed for this one! May the God of Love be with you today, Shirley

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