Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bird houses and more

Do not overwork to be rich. —Proverbs 23:4

John and Sage hanging with their "second" cousins, Kana, on the left (John's side), Michelle second from right, (my side). It's been wonderful having Michelle stay with us, she has jumped right into our clan, she has her own chores, responsibilities.  And a bonus Kana lives near us!  
I dropped the big kids off at the beach and got to spend the day with the little girls.
 We went to Joann's, to get bird house's and paint so they had a project while I worked on my project.

 They turned out so great and guess what the bird house's were only $1!! Such a great cheap project, they now proudly hang out front, this morning I was having coffee and heard the front door open, both girls ran outside to see if any birds spent the night in their new house!!

Oh how I love living near my Johnny and Rachel, we meet up for dinner often. 
Michelle and I have been doing healthy shakes all week, so we both were tortured when we met up at a fabulous Mexican restaurant!! We brought our shakes, but had to take baby Luke on a walk, the aromas were getting to us! 
 I know I'm jumping around on this post, but wanted to share the progress on the tufted Ottoman, last night Sage and Michelle helped me make the upholstery buttons, for the tufting. All 49 of them!!!
 They turned out great
Here is the ugly coffee table about to turn into a gem!! 
The sunsets are pretty magical here!
Going to paint the legs of the coffee table, hit up the local farmers market, drop off pick up kids, and just have a blessed day! Shirley


  1. I can't wait to see the table!
    An added bonus to blogs is asking for recommendations for their area....
    :-)We will be flying into San Diego the first of August. One day will be spent at Legoland in Carlsbad. I am trying to decide on hotel arrangements....Carlsbad......San Diego....or somewhere else close....I have spent hours scouring the internet for the best place for the $. Lyndon will want to spend time on the beach for sure & we are looking forward to relaxation and great weather! I have looked at the Hilton Resort in Carlsbad & Hotel Del Coranado...do you have any other recommendations? What about restaurants? If you don't have time to answer my questions I completely understand, but I thought that I would ask since I thought you were located in the area. Thanks and enjoy the summer with your kiddos....summer is flying by!

  2. Thank you VERY much!!!!! If you ever visit Texas I will be happy to advise you. ;-)

  3. cant wait to see a picture of your coffee table, ive got an ugly one just like it, so looking for insperation as to what to do with it..enjoy your kids, they grow so fast.mine are 19 and 15 and dont like to do so much with me now and i miss that dearly and still try to persude them to come places with me.lol they laugh and sometimes indulge me haha
    have a lovely day
    michelle x