Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, July 29, 2012


So God created great sea creatures and every living thing that moves . . . . Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image.” —Genesis 1:21,26

With 8 others in the house do I really have a moment to myself?? Amazing! Oh wait I hear footsteps coming down stairs:( So the day begins! 
My friend Peri has a beautiful home salon, in her glorious backyard. I got to break it in, on my fast Camarillo turnaround. 
 A little glimpse of the backyard
 Yesterday morning Hanna, Sage, and I took Michelle to the airport. Michelle we miss you already, your such a sweet, helpful, inspiring young lady. Come back anytime!
 As far as we could go
After dropping Michelle off, we went to visit Johnny and Luke. Johnny's birthday was on the 27th, so we took uncle shopping, and shusi! I packed Luke in the baby Bjorn, he is such a blessing, I'm loving my auntie role! Last week I went to church alone, the church was packed, their was a young man who was sitting next to me. All of a sudden in the row ahead, I hear, "come here baby!!" The guy next to me stood, up, and squished my legs, to give his 80 year old aunt a big kiss! He apologized to me for stepping all over me, but explained how that was his favorite aunt, and it was her birthday! I immediately wanted to see my nephew. 
 Airport, lunch, shopping, was I done yet?? Nope I stopped off at the hospital to visit my cousin Reese, and baby Harper. Harper was born 2 months early, despite the set back, she is thriving! Reese is there at the hospital everyday with her baby, feeding, holding, singing, to her, she's so in love and already an amazing momma!
 Harper is just beautiful, I actually laughed when I saw her, because.. in the pictures I see of her, she looks big. But in real life she is so tiny. Just precious!!! Makes you realize how God's amazing design is perfect, tiny fingers, toes.
OK time to get kids fed, house cleaned a quick workout, then church, beach! God bless you today, Shirley

Friday, July 27, 2012

Tufted Ottoman

Wow talk about crazy turn around I went to Camarillo yesterday to pick up John, Sage, and Sadie, they had a great visit with their buddies, then turned around and back to San Diego! I missed them, once your a mommy, that becomes your life, so without them here, I kinda am a little lost! Even though I had Coco and Michelle, I still need the rest to complete my world. Three more joined my five!! I brought back my friends kids, who are best buds with mine! So I now have a total of 8 kids here!! 4 teen, 1tween, 9,6,3!! Yes I'm a little crazy, but I love it all! Just made the kids waffles, then who knows what the day will bring..... I know a huge Costco run is in my near future! Soo as I promised without further ado, here is the amazing Ottoman, yes I'm tooting my own horn, it turned out so great!
Awe it makes me so happy, this was one of the funnest projects to date! 

Michelle was a great help 
I have John breathing down my back I'm on his computer so when I get a chance my computer is still in the shop it's a lot worse than any one thought! I'll post a step by step on the ottoman 

 OK time to get the house going in the right direction! Love ya all Shirley

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hello if your checking my blog to see the ottoman I'll post pictures Friday my computer is being repaired, I don't have a way to post pictures using my iPhone:(( hope your all blessed love Shirley

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Double post

Now I beg you, brethren, . . . that you strive together with me in prayers to God for me. —Romans 15:30

This is a combo blog post first one about our fun, hot, tiring, leg aching day at Sea World!! 
I thought it would be a great idea to take all five kids by myself!! Actually it was, out of all the amusement parks, Sea World would have to be my first choice. So much to see, it's fresh, clean, exciting. But like all parks, the second I get there, my legs seem to ache, the girls seem to want everything, the older kids want to take off! Besides all this we did manage to see a lot, do a lot, and have a great time! 
 We got blessed with free "southern California City passes, three adults and one kid, so we get to go to a bunch of parks free! But we still had one child and an adult ticket to buy, these tickets are expensive!!! So I went to my trusted, thrifty site Craigslist and scored tickets for $40! I was a little unsure of the tickets at first but they worked. Being in the thrifty mood I was, I packed lunches, snacks, water, all this went so fast, that with the heat, we wanted more..... So we looked like vultures attacking the Turkey Leg, seriously it was gross, we all were greasy, fighting over pieces I joked that we looked like a pack of wolfs.
 Two beauty's, Michelle, and Sage
 The starfish petting tank
Now for post number two! Bianca and her two cuties Kristen and Roman came to visit!! 
Bianca and I 
Roman and Chloe
 Personal Space
 Bianca and her two
We are really loving our new town, we kinda feel like were on a vacation all the time! Downtown is always hopping, we caught a fire show, then had canolies, and lattes. 

 Sadie was so thrilled to have her BFF here! She was jumping running, hooting and hollering everywhere we went!

  Morning time was coming to a close
 Surprise!! Lynda offered to have my three, John, Sage and Sadie come with Bianca and stay with her, for a couple of day's! They were soo excited to go "home" and see their friends. Thanks Bianca, for coming, we love you all.
OK you must tune in tomorrow I'll be posting our ottoman!! It turned out is it OK to say ummmm perfect?!
Also please, please say a prayer for my computer to be restored! The hard drive crashed, and alllll my photo's, videos are on it!! After manyyyy nice, "Hey you need to get your photo's backed up", from friends/ family, I didn't do it!!!!! So now big buck's, and running around trying desperately to save it! Love you all and miss many of you! Shirley

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Turn us back to You, O Lord, and we will be restored. —Lamentations 5:21

Here is a shot of the Tufted Ottoman it's turning out great! Thanks Babe for all your help! 
Placing the buttons where they go soo much math went in to it! Don't laugh, I'm serious! 
 Pulling out the foam to make the holes for the upholstery buttons
 Off to Sea World with all the kids!! It's going to be a hot day today!! Blessings Shirley

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bird houses and more

Do not overwork to be rich. —Proverbs 23:4

John and Sage hanging with their "second" cousins, Kana, on the left (John's side), Michelle second from right, (my side). It's been wonderful having Michelle stay with us, she has jumped right into our clan, she has her own chores, responsibilities.  And a bonus Kana lives near us!  
I dropped the big kids off at the beach and got to spend the day with the little girls.
 We went to Joann's, to get bird house's and paint so they had a project while I worked on my project.

 They turned out so great and guess what the bird house's were only $1!! Such a great cheap project, they now proudly hang out front, this morning I was having coffee and heard the front door open, both girls ran outside to see if any birds spent the night in their new house!!

Oh how I love living near my Johnny and Rachel, we meet up for dinner often. 
Michelle and I have been doing healthy shakes all week, so we both were tortured when we met up at a fabulous Mexican restaurant!! We brought our shakes, but had to take baby Luke on a walk, the aromas were getting to us! 
 I know I'm jumping around on this post, but wanted to share the progress on the tufted Ottoman, last night Sage and Michelle helped me make the upholstery buttons, for the tufting. All 49 of them!!!
 They turned out great
Here is the ugly coffee table about to turn into a gem!! 
The sunsets are pretty magical here!
Going to paint the legs of the coffee table, hit up the local farmers market, drop off pick up kids, and just have a blessed day! Shirley