Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Chapter

My strength is made perfect in weakness. —2 Corinthians 12:9
Good morning, all is well here in San Diego, we are finally feeling settled! The house is put together, a few things to hang, garage to be cleaned out, other than that, it feels like home. I don't do well with things not in order, I go M.I.A, till the last piece is in place. So I'm emerging... Johnny, Rachel, and baby Luke came for dinner last night, we were wiped out from moving, they are wiped out from being new parents. So perfect company! Luke is getting so big, can you believe I didn't even snap one picture:(( Sorry..   Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of the new house, it's built so well, feels solid, the views are pretty amazing, in our room we have two huge windows that look out to the ocean. Sunday night John and I went to bed at 6!! Sage was such a great help she put girls in their P.J's, read stories, and put them to bed, we were soo grateful, we needed the rest. Lynda threw us a wonderful going away party, Bianca took some great pictures that she loaded onto a disc, but of course my computer wont read it! So if you're reading this post, B, please email me some? Thanks, also wanted to share my email changed during the move, it is shirleymslee@gmail.com,
Before we left Camarillo, we went to the new park opening, the kids had so much fun, there were soo many people, we felt like we were at Chuky Cheese! They were gone!
 Coco and Roman having their Sundaes

 Sadie and Kris
 Coco patently waiting her turn
 YOLO, You only live once! Sage and her friends hand
Hanna, Sage, Daniella
 Sadie's hip-hop recital
 This girl, she'd get a glimpse of us, and do the I Love You sign
 A fun new park we discovered here in SD
 This girl can climb, The Miwok blood in her, our people from Yosemite, climbing those Granite Boulders
Coco spinning, she's getting braver at the park, which I'm happy about, she's super careful, seeing her become more sure of herself is a plus!
 Sage and Sadie
 I'm excited for what lies ahead for us, today Sage and I are going to the beach to practice volleyball she is starting this summer. Lil John is having a great time on a camping trip at the beach till Friday. We miss him terribly! God Bless today, Shirley

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