Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mini House tour

Pray for those who spitefully use you. —Luke 6:28

OK here you go, for all of you who wanted to take a mini house tour, bear in mind we've only lived in this house for 14 days!! So still a few things I'd like to add. This is the front room
Still haven't had a new slip cover made, I will soon, too much yellow for this girl

Built in shelf's below staricase
Our view, out to the ocean, Yes those are vertical blinds, UGH, I really have a love/hate relationship, I HATE the way they look, but love them when the sun is blazing through..I'm going to put up heavy velvet drapes to cover them.

Bubu acting like thee only child while his sisters are away! John and I took him to dinner and a movie yesterday downtown SD, we laughed at how spoiled rotten he would be if he was the only!
The kitchen

We put the little girls kitchen under the stairs, that way all their toys are out of the way, but they can play when they want to
My aunties Becky's beautiful Arabian hourse's, a basket I made years ago
Sadie, and another basket I'm working on
Our front yard, we hang outside most meals, or a round of volleyball practice with Sage
I feel like the little girls room is one of the few rooms, almost completely done. I want to add a cool rug, and possibly some roman shades?
Does that lamp shade totally clash?? Any input is appreciated!

My dream is to have their closet completely organized, separating their toys into bins that are labeled.

Sage's room is pretty much the same as her last one, but twice as big, with her own bathroom as well!!

Our room, always the last one to get "done", our views are pretty amazing, we look out at the ocean.

Love our bathroom
Our walk in closet is huge. I need to get some organizers for my stuff, I also need a dresser.
Yep it's clear out so off to the beach we shall go! Today I'm hoping baby Luke and Johnny will join us??? We went and visited him yesterday, AWE, pure heaven, while my little girls are away, I need a baby fix, I held him for over an hour, he slept peacefully in aunties arms!
Luke and I, I know it always looks like I'm trying to nurse, or show cleavage but I'm not!! 
Any interior advice?? 


  1. Your new home is simply beautiful...just like you!

  2. Post a picture of your back yard and little Johns room. :)