Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.Phi. 4:13

Look who it is, it's me Luke, I'll be posting as a guest on my aunty's blog!! 
Seriously thou, no more big growth jumps, without his auntie being closer by!! I can't wait to see this guy everyday,( ok I know you took a huge gulp, Johnny), maybe once a week at least! 
Time to release the butterfly's they all hatched
 We had one poor little fellow named Logan who's wings didn't form properly, we felt so bad for him, Sadie spent two hours trying to get him to fly. Finally we put him outside in our roses. He was gone today, Sadie had so much compassion for him, she asked so many great questions about why some butterfly's are "born" normal and some are not. I explained to her this is true in human life as well, everyone struggles in their own way, and some struggles are physical, others mental. But God can help us in any situation.
 Caring for Logan
 Watching Sadie
Lot's going on around here, we are moving. I know I've hinted about it, maybe I even said it on here, who knows but I'm making it official The Slee's are moving to San Diego! Like I mentioned before its super bitter sweet. Lot's of emotions floating around here, but God is in this move, I don't say that lightly, we feel complete peace about it! The big kids are getting excited as well, though they will miss their friends terribly, as will we!!
More confirmation, I just got off the phone with my uncle Ted who lives close to where we are moving, he invited us to dinner once we move!! Can't tell you how excited I am to be near family!!! Praise God
I've been swamped with clients, that I haven't even begun to pack. Ugh dreading that!!! Well, God is good. I know this post is super scattered, Julianna's birthday was a month ago, Kim and I are just getting to celebrate with her today, between Kim's 6, my 4, we kinda have an excuse??? Trying to make myself feel better! Love ya, Shirley

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