Our Family

Our Family

Friday, May 18, 2012


Rest in the Lord. —Psalm 37:7

Complete new respect/admiration, envy for all seamstress out there! I feel like I've been hit by a truck! My neck hurts, my hands are done, believe me the list goes on!!! Yes, all from making two pillows! Don't roll your eye's, I'm serious, I spent my entire day, (in between drop offs/pick-ups. grocery shopping, snacks, laundry, cleaning) making these pillows. I finished at 9 last night, I made mannnyyy mistakes, and had to rip apart my pillows oh around 5times!! But it was worth trying to get it right. I still haven't mastered the invisible zipper, I left out a few steps Charley taught me:) But 
I'm determined to get it right! 
I had to learn my new machine, in retrospect it is a super easy machine to use, I watched the video, and was a nerd about following the directions.
 Is it weird to request a hand massage???
 About the 4th time ripping it all out!!! 
I'm thrilled with the pillows, the kids all snuggled into them, thier really cozy! John hugged me and told me I did a great job, but asked, "Did you have to use Zebra print again????"
 Huge day today we are packing up most the big furniture, leaving only mattress's, clothes, small nick-nacks, behind. I was supposed to be packing all week, oops.... I'm a little sad to see my home torn apart, it's soo bittersweet, I've heard throughout the week, from John and Sage's friends, this might be the last time I swim, or just hang at your house, that kinda stabbed my heart! I've always strived to make our home comfortable, kid friendly, I want my children and their friends to feel super comfortable. Camarillo is such a wonderful, family oriented place. I run into people I know on a daily bases, I'm going to miss that:( But excited to be near family, and the adventure that goes with the move! Blessing Shirley

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