Monday, May 28, 2012

Moving Weekend

Avoid foolish and ignorant disputes, knowing that they generate strife. —2 Timothy 2:23

Just got home, well to our home in Camarillo,  kinda don't know where to call home these day's! Remember how I mentioned that our first Uhaul load was surprisingly easy?? 
Well, I now understand why! The first load was all our big, nice furniture, this weekend's load was medium sized, to small nick knacks! Not fun, tedious, hard work! Now all that's left is small items, All our mattress's, a few potted plant's. Wow soo much detail in moving a family of 6! Our last moves were in the same county, so fairly easy.. San Diego is about 2 hours away, making a big difference! Phone, Internet, utilities are not covered by our usual companies, So making times to meet the different agencies is challenging, while we are still here. We are lucky to be flanked on both sides with super friendly/helpful neighbors, they have offered to meet the workers at the house while we are away.  My parents/Jim, and us, all went down Friday, I want to say a huge thanks to every one that helped with our move, we couldn't have done it without you! Thanks
We got spoiled Luke came to visit, two days in a row!! He loved all the attention he received from Papa/Grandma, auntie, and uncles Jim /John, as well as the every 5 minute mauling s by his cousins:)  
Jim and Luke, 
 The cutest
 First time riding on daddies shoulders!
 These two love their new house, the whole weekend, they were doing their "own" thing, dress-up, picking flowers, visiting neighbors.
 Our sweet neighbor brought over these amazing flowers

 Jim's first time seeing Luke, he was smitten!
 Lil John with his cousin
 Watermelon eating contest!
 Me and my bro's love them beyond measure

 Momma and me
 Coco with Uncle
 Family shot

Time to squeeze in a workout, then unpack, and try to make sense of an empty house! Shirley

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