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Our Family

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Mothers Creed

So if you've been reading my blog, then you know that this is my second year attending Chelsea Cameron's Family Class. I've grown so much from this class as a mother/wife, what I've learned from the 22 week class is wrapped up in this Mothers Creed!! Awesome......Please read!

The Mother’s Creed

I am a child of God,
My identity is and always will be found in Him.
I will make His laws, my laws,
His ways, my ways,
Not perfectly, but increasingly.
Recognizing that I’m not who I could be,
I’m not who I should be,
But I’m not who I was!
I will strive to be a virtuous woman,
Allowing Christ to change me
So I can be a vessel of the Savior.
I will seek first the kingdom of God,
Letting Christ be the joy of my foundation.
I will choose wisdom, self control, honesty,
forgiveness, patience, repentance, purity,
perseverance and thankfulness .
Christ alone is my hope!
I will not put my trust in the perishing
weaker things of this world.
I will stand on God’s promises,
As they are great and precious.
I will model to my children that a marriage
is not about making us happy,
But making us holy.
Showing them that the sacred union
of a man and woman in marriage
is first and foremost about bringing glory to God.
That Love is an action, not and emotion.
I will tie heart strings with my children, enjoying them, giving them my time and attention;
giving them my smile!
I will play with them, dance with them,
sing with them.
I will let them be kids, and help teach them to be adults.
I will recognize and stand on my God given authority. My resolve will be great.
They may be strong, but I will be stronger.
Discipline will be a signpost along a path of communion.
I will not discipline in anger or at the end my tolerance.
I will be firm and consistent,
Loving and rescuing.
I will discipline and teach to the heart issue
not to the action.
I will use the rod to bring repentance and healing.
I will draw them out,
Get to know them,
Encourage them in their gifts and strengths,
And help them in their weakness.
I will lower my standards
so they can meet a smiling mother.
As God’s mercies are new each morning,
so too will mine be.
I will not teach them a religion, but a relationship with Jesus Christ.
I will rid myself of unnecessary distractions
That seek to keep me from fellowship
with God and my family.
I will live on the balcony of life,
Teaching them to see the good in others
and our world. Negativity will not live here!
I WILL stand on the ROCK of my convictions,
Jesus Christ is the Lord!
I am set apart,
I am a new creation.
In all I do, I will seek to bring Him glory.
Though days will be long, tears will be many
And heartaches- a certainty;
I will not give up, I will not give in,
I will overcome by the power of Christ in me.
So bring on motherhood!!
And may God have all the Glory.

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