Our Family

Our Family

Friday, January 13, 2012

Malibu bike ride

Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners. 1st Cor. 15:33
Let me just start by saying, that God has blessed me with a great core group of friends. I feel so blessed knowing such kind, caring, Godly, strong women! Thank you all for being my friend! 
 I asked Bianca and Lynda, Peri to join me on a bike ride then a hike in Malibu, the weather was glorious, the scenery unbelievable!!! I just look around and wonder how could any one deny that there is an amazing creator, who loves us?? Even in hard times just look out the window, or at your child and bam, there is his work!
 Our view, from the top of Point Dume
 Lot's of Go Fish around here, Sadie learned to play and is hooked! And she'll hook any one who passes her to play a game, or two or three!!!
 Coco is on my team
 Bub's and Coco made cookies yesterday
 Lynda got me an early Birthday present, all my favorite goodies from Trader Joe's!
Didn't get a dress yet! Going today, busy weekend a one year old party and a wedding! Can't wait.... Blessings Shirley

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