Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm back!

Love from a pure heart . . . and from sincere faith. —1 Timothy 1:5

Rain, Rain please DON'T go away!! Can't tell you how thankful I am of the rain yesterday, we so needed it. Bishop finally got snow, I told my kids that the Bishop kids got a snow day (no 
school), they were ready to start packing! John is in Canada this week, so today my parents are coming to spend some time with the kids and I!! This time I'm keeping it a complete surprise :)) 
Pouring rain out, cozy fire, and of course ice cream!! 
I walked into the kitchen the other day to this, I promise they aren't starving! 
And some news on the home front, the house is for sale, so we are on the hunt for a new one! The house has been showing a lot! Which means we have to be out often, this isn't a bad thing, although some in the family may think so, but it gives us an opportunity to spend family time, the other evening we took a walk. We live right next to a river bottom, the trail runs about 2 miles. We love this area so much the friendships, the schools, so we are looking close to home. 

 The little girls rode their bikes, and had a blast most of the time a few hiccups along the way
 Sage, John and Daddy all are super competitive so their was many races, and things like this!
 Bubu with his baby, he's so patient, loving, kind to his little sisters, he needs to work on these traits with Sage!!
 Totally didn't set this shot up, I was lagging behind trying out different settings on my camera, and looked up, thank you God for my family, I love them all so much.
 Time to go, lunches, house, kids, workout, help in Sadies class, then a client, parents coming, kid pickups, dinner, piano lessons, BED!!! God bless, Shirley

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