Our Family

Our Family

Friday, January 27, 2012

horse inspired!

The Lord is my rock and my fortress. —Psalm 18:2

Little John has no school today, Sage was up most of the night with super sore teeth she had her braces tightened, and Sadie is just taking the day off!! I have all the kids home, I love when they can just relax, and not be rushed! Papa, and Grandma are still here, but I think they are going to go home today:((. I've loved having them here, it's always fun, grandma and I snuck out yesterday to get pedicures, then Pops and I took the girls to the park and just chilled in the sunshine. It was in the 80's yesterday, John called and said it was snowing in Canada, such different extremes. Mellow day today going on a run, then preparing for a mini Bible study here at my house.
So it's no secret I'm obsessed with Roberto Dutesco's pictures of the Horse's from Sable Island. My artist mother has been making my dreams come true by painting me my top three favorite's.
The original photograph
Mommas painting

Mom's Painting
Beginning of painting, it's going back to Bishop to be completed
And here are his photo's in cool spaces

Right now you can buy this 20x24 for $4,500

OK time to get going, have a blessed day, hope these amazing photo's inspired you ion some way! Love, Shirley

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  1. i cant get over how talented your mother is! I love seeing Dutesco's images reinterpreted in another medium. So gorgeous!!!!