Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Family dinner/Hike

Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come and the years approach when you will say, "I find no pleasure in them"-- Eccl 12:1

 The family dinner at my parents house was a blessed one. It was so good to see so many of my relatives, it becomes less frequent every year that we get together. Growing up, there was always a birthday dinner or just a gathering. All of us cousins running around while the aunts and uncles told stories, laughed, times have changed, many loved ones have passed on, moved away, now it's our kids running around and were sitting talking! Where did the time go?? My two aunts, sis Jenny, cousin Raquel, and my momma.
 Jim feeding baby Miranda, he's going to be such a great daddy some day, I'm accepting applications, and a extensive questionaire!!
 Coco busted out her make-up kit and nail polish, she had many willing aunties...
 Dad, aunty, and baby Feather
My cousin Emma holding baby Feather
Jim had his exercise bands, he did drills with the kids they all harass love him
 My aunty with two of her grandsons
 Some of the little cousins
My cousin Brandon, and his beautiful wife Miranda 
 Chloe getting mauled by baby Miranda

Papa Stan holding his baby Granddaughter Feather
Jim being creative with his nieces
 Finially got a good shot of the church sign Jim made
 Yesterday we went on a hike in the Valley, on our hike we ran into a Bishop legend Ken Kaiser, he's hiked with his wife almost every square inch of the Valley
 John and my Daddy
 Dad and me
 Jim, Dad, me and Coco
 Momma she has this hope someday she'll hit something with her metal detector

 coco and momma
 Jim and my dad know a lot of our Native language and some of our traditional songs, so they sang their latest, it was awesome!
 Right after their song this baby Owl flew and perched on a branch near us! We were all blown away
 My babies, I'm trying to live in the moment, but I look at this shot and I know how fast time will fly!
 Minus Rachel and Johnny
 My four with two of their cousins Mariah, and Bethanny
Papa with Coco
We had a great day, only one Booboo

 Jim and coco
 Jenny Bugs
 Country living
Please pray for our Valley I can't remember a time I have visited and the White's, Sierras have not been covered in snow, they are bare this year, Mammoth has mostly man made snow, I've been planning to take little John skiing, but every one is advising me against it! IT's very icy, our friend who works at the hospital said in one hour four broken limb patients, came in from the Mountain! So I may just go up their and check it out, don't want to waste a ton of money to ski on Ice! Have a blessed day, Shirley

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Out hiking post later

We are hiking today such a gorgeous day!! I'll post some fun shots tonight we had a wonderful family dinner last night. Blessings Shirley

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bishop Projects!!

You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you. Isaiah 26:3

The Chandelier that I made for my mom is up! It looks beautiful, she's pleased.

Jim is such a blessing he is so helpful, capable, you dream it he can make it happen! 
Jim built a new sign for our church, he custom made it all, our old sign had seen it's last day's, wobbly, old, the new sign matches the style of the new church. 
The House Of Mercy
 Jenny getting beautified by Coco
Our family breakfast of oats, fruit, and protein powder, yep I'm taking pictures of any and everything!

We are having a family dinner tonight I'm excited to visit, off to a desert walk, Shirley

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Happy Holiday's, were having a very relaxing, enjoyable time here in Bishop! Surrounded by family and friends! Christmas Eve we took the kids Christmas Light looking, a tradition we do every year. Then the kids got to open their stockings.
The arts starts flowing right away, my momma is an artist, the girls love get a project going right away! We arrived Friday evening and the girls had grandma get to work right away! Painting, making little beds for their little pets! 
Sage painted Sadie's face
 Christmas morning, the girls were being so patient while breakfast, coffee, and hot coco were being made.
And off they went! Wrapping paper flying!!! 
 Coco needs to learn a little social graces, she would open one present, then toss it ready for the next, followed by intense whining, if it wasn't her turn!!! So Papa had to calm her, you can see the look of concern on Pops face!
 Sage opening her presents, they all got many gifts, most were needs, rather than wants, so it looks like wow they are so spoiled, which they are, but mostly cloths, products.
 Johnny and his beautiful bride Rachel, and baby Luke, loved spending time with them
 Trying to be patient
I got all girls a makeup kit, Coco opened hers last, hers of course was very toddlerish, so we were all on pins and needles hoping she liked it since it was plastic and cheesy, compared to her sisters, but thank God she loved it, my nails are pink and purple to prove it! 
 Trying to convince her it's just as good if not better than her sisters
 I gave out my homemade soaps which were a big hit, they smell soo good, and work even better

 On Sadie's Christmas list was a yellow duck, a little strange but she loved it!!!
 Bubs and I
 This year I got spoiled, I finally opened my Canon Camera, which I love, and a new drill kit from my daddy, from my in-laws a dremmel kit to carve, engrave into metal or wood!! Just what any girl wants!! This girl does
Love this guy
Jim bought momma some new Uggs, but once out of the box, we found out they were completely different colors!! So back to the store they go
Then off to my in-laws we went for a beautiful Christmas Dinner, my mother in-law is a great cook! They spoiled the kids as well.
Coco's one gift she's been talking about for months, Baby Alive with food!!
Sadie got a Barbie Jeep, she loves, it took me 2 hours to put together!!
Coco with her new camera!!
Don't I look thrilled, half way into the project! As I'm typing John's putting together the Barbie Dream Mansion! Such a great daddy!

She will make a amazing momma, feeding, changing
Grandma taking a picture of her girls feeding her great grand child! JK

This is the sight morning till night
These two are getting so big, they are a lot more mellow than their younger day's!!
Uncle Pat, John's bro, he's such great uncle, the kids love him! 
Loving my new camera, nobody has seen much of me, I've been hiding behind my lens!
Here are the new home of the white linen pillows I made, they look great at momma's

Peri's Christmas Tree she made, my mom is enjoying it
Soo many pieces with the little girls toys, it's a job keeping track of them all!
Ok time for exercise, then some house projects, Jim, John and I are going to hang the Driftwood Chandelier I made for my parents. Hope to get to the mountains this week, taking kids to snow, and Skiing!! Hope you all had a great Christmas, love, Shirley