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Our Family

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sage's room seriously almost done

The desire of a man is his kindness: and a poor man is better than a liar. Proverbs 19:19

Sage's room is sooo close to finally being done!!! (Waiting for the leather butterfly chair) Thank God, I'm so happy with the way it looks, but most important the way it feels! Sage is all about comfort! Her environment needs to speak to her. Mission Accomplished! Last night she was completing a huge project, listening to music, I kept walking by, trying to take it all in. It made me realizing that all the hard work, John and I did to give her, her own space in which she will grow with, be inspired by, was well worth it!! 
 The window treatments baffled me for a long time, I wanted John to make old barn shutters, but not wanting to pile another project on him, my momma gave me a great lead to World Market's Velvet Curtains, for the price and quality, I am completely satisfied, I need some for my room! I chose the color Charcoal.
Ok so check out the cowhide rug!! This as most everything in her room has a story!! I was driving passed Urban Home, thinking ok they have the cowhide rug I need but don't want to spend 250.00 on it!! I'm not kidding that same moment my cell rings, "Hello", "Hi Mitz (my nickname) this is mom, I'm at the thrift store and I found a cow hide rug for $3.00, do you want it?" Of course!! Thanks momma PERFECT!!
This is the side table I scored at the Pasadena Swap Meet
 John and I deigned this wood, and pipe desk, I'm absolutely in love with it! I've been scouring flea markets, also the Internet for wire baskets for her to get organized, at the same time being stylish! And I found that everyone wants these as well, so the price's are crazy!! One basket can be between $40-70! Late last night while I was in World Market, I found these, for $7-24!!!! Hallelujah! It's not done I have some leather magazine holders from Ikea, I know will break up the baskets.
chair should be in next week!!
The director chair, I found at Pier One, cost was $56, I bought it without measuring and it was too tall, I was bummed. So ready to take it back I noticed my neighbors were getting wood trim done, the contractor was set up on the grass, so I asked him to make some cuts to the chair. He was happy to, the fit is perfect!! The covers gave me some grief, the top fit but the bottom didn't, oh well, cant have it all! My momma found a turquoise bed, so I was craving some turquoise. While in Pier One, I found this horse, it gave the room just what it needed!   God Bless Shirley


  1. The room turned out so great! love it!

  2. Thanks Kelly I agree, hoping to get some professional picts, once chair comes in! Can you tell I'm proud????