Our Family

Our Family

Monday, November 14, 2011

Portland Oregon trip

The earth is the LORD'S, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. Psalms 24:1

My quick three day getaway with John was just what we needed! It kinda felt like a mini Honeymoon, we enjoyed each other so much, kinda of neat that after 15 years of marriage we still like being around one another!  Portland was one of the most beautiful places I've seen. The tree's were in abundance and showing off their amazing fall color's!! 
Internet image of the whole city! If you get a chance make this trip happen, it's such a cool city!
 Here is the view from the hotel window!! Pretty amazing!!

Occupy Wall Street in Portland was the talk of the town, the police were giving them 24 hours to vacate while we were there!! So police where everywhere!!

Portland has many cute coffee shops, since the gloomy weather all you want to do is get cozy, sip a  Cappuccino, which we did over and over!!!!

 Have you ever tried rice pudding??? If not you should! Their is a adorable shop downtown called Pudding in the rice! These are the owners, we talked for awhile with them, so inspiring hearing how these two with their kids running around the shop are living their dream, they will opening their second shop in a few months! 
Loved this sign, so true!
John and I could see this tram from the hotel window so we decided to try it, it goes from the South waterfront, to the OHSU Center for health and Healing, on the top. If your scared of height's probably shouldn't take it. The views are awesome!
Here we are on the tram!! I had a coffee or green tea in my hand, almost the whole trip, it was raining and cold.
Views from the tram

Next we wanted to go downtown and check out the cute shops, we found the coolest import shop, everything was 50% off! 

Love the aged frames

Check out these old butterfly chairs,
Ohhhh love the zebra
John wanted to take me to dinner, we ordered appetizers then our meal, but once the appetizers came out, we were soo satisfied we asked him to cancel our order! Wish I would have taken more pictures of the restaurant, it was gorgeous
Yep more food!! We Googled the best breakfast places in Portland and Mothers Kitchen came up as #1, we waited for over an hour, but the  ambience, as well as the food, was well worth it!!
I ordered pumpkin pancakes!! Sooo Yummy with bananas cooked inside! 
Next we heard of the Saturday Market was the place to be, Portland is full of self sufficient people! So many cool booths with natural food, hand made crafts! Super fun, it was drizzling the whole time, which was actually kinda fun! 

This band made all the instruments by hand, it sounded great

I thought of you Kim I could see you rocking this skirt!!

Um, next project???
Got this shot for Sage, duct tape wallets!!
These two cool guys do drip coffee, it was yummy! And the guy with the barrette hat, his wife makes the clay leaf's! 
Only God himself could make such an amazing color! 

Of course we got the bug, to check out neighborhood's,  we went high in the hills, we talked about different styles of homes, there were no open houses!!
Another warm-up!!
We got home late Saturday night, poor John had to get up early Sunday morning, and take off to New York! I couldn't imagine, he pulled Chloe into bed with us, he just wanted to snuggle her for a few hours he was home! My folks are such loving, giving people, the kids had soo much fun with them, they ate up all the attention, yummy food, that Papa and Grandma give them! Sunday morning a friend called and wanted to go to the Pasadena Swap meet! We had a fun time walking, my momma, Sage, and Sadie went. Loved hanging with my girls...
My momma spotted Antonio Ballatore, he has a HGTV show called, The Antonio Treatment, my momma loves his designs and recognized him immediately, so I asked him if he would take a picture with her, he was sooo nice, he wrapped Gretch in his arms, and smiled, I think she smiled bigger!!
I scored a cool side table for Sage's room, and a light for her desk! My mom got a turquoise bed, Peri got nothing! I wish I would of taken a picture of us caring our loot out, that would have been a great one!!
Wow long post!!! Time to get moving, I;m going to help my mom pick out carpet, and maybe a couch today! feels soo good to be home, with my kids, after day 2 of any trip I quickly get over my self and desire to care for my kids every need, I'm always do 10 things at once so to have allll this time to myself is appreciated in the first two day's then I'm over it! Thanks mom and dad, for seeing the need for John and I to spend time together.  I pray that when I'm a grandma, I will be half the Grandparents you both are!!! Love you both soo much, Shirley

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