Our Family

Our Family

Friday, November 18, 2011

Plethora of things!!

My folks have left! Sniff, sniff, but they will be back next week!! All my siblings will be here! Praise God, we all haven't been together for a long time! So it will be so fun to have us all together at the same time! At the Pasadena Swap Meet, my momma scored a torques bed, now I'm kinda obsessioning over it! Hers is a twin, found this online for only $7,000!! She paid 100! Love deals
 We found her a couch at the Restoration Hardware Outlet, already deeply discounted, the store was having 20% off of everything! She scored again! God's favor was all over us as we shopped, she needed a new hood over her oven, finally after ohh only 5 years of hearing her say she wanted a 30 inch stainless steal hood! We found it! The guy said, "Oh that one is discounted," so he knocked another 200 off! Thanks Daddy for dropping off, picking up, taking the kids on play dates! While mom and I scoured the county!
Here they are saying our goodbyes, Love them so much
 I thank God every day for my parents, they are such an inspiration to me, and I know it's rare to have active, loving grandparents, and I know how blessed I am!
 Coco shopping in Pier One, every store should provide their littlest shoppers with a cart!
 Sadie had to make a poster that was all about her, she loved this project! Questions asked were, what do u want to become (fashion designer) Favorite place ( Disneyland), Favorite thing to do (Play with my sister in our kitchen) If I had one wish (I'd wish I could fly)!!
 Sage had a science project of a plant cell, she nailed it! She knew about it for ohh only 3 weeks, but told me the night before!!! Lord help me, she handled it, like a big girl and did a fabulous job!
 Last night our sweet friends Dan and Charmaine took the kids and I out to dinner, they are like second grandparents (even though their WAY to young) to my kids, I'm "off" duty when we are together!
 Dan teaching Sadie sign language, she's a natural at it.
 And these to, Marie and Sage, Marie is sage's "big sister"! Sage always wished she had a big sister, well God provided one!
You know the Novogratz?? Their a design husband and wife team from Manhattan, well Robert is my "friend" on face book, he commented on Sage's room last night! So exciting....
Ok enough for now, I know I always have a lot to say, thanks for bearing with me, God bless today, Shirley

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