Our Family

Our Family

Friday, November 11, 2011

Our adventure continues!!

You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you: because he trusts in you. Isaiah 26:3
So our adventure begins!! On our way to the airport! It's always fun, exciting, when you get to the airport, knowing that you have no idea what lays ahead! I now have a completely different appreciation of how hard my husband works for his family!! I spent the day alone in Polo Alto, while John met with investors from New York. I'm soo proud of my husband, who knew, all I knew in 5th grade was that he was cute, had a great heart, and was in love with me, and me with him! What ever John does he does it with his whole heart, 100%!
I had the day to explore! I went to Ikea, for ohhh about three hours!!! I know I know, this place is sooo huge, and soo many cool things to look at! Before Ikea I went to University Avenue, where I walked and looked into many cute shops, sorry I didn't take many pictures, too captivated! 
Downtown Polo Alto
Steve Jobs the founder of Apple, Lived right up this street.

 Polo Alto is the home to Stanford University! So lots of nerds, intelligent people every where!!!
 Restoration Hardware had antlers everywhere!!!
 I shot some cool furniture I liked, but couldn't pull the trigger on anything since I have to fly home!
 I love this pantry in Ikea
 Also for the price you could do a pretty amazing kitchen very reasonable!!
Would love a lumbar pillow with this fabric
Thinking of Sage's desk I have to throw it all together!
I had time time to KILL, so I went and got a pedi/mani, soo funny two different men were sitting in the chairs next to me getting their's done! They were manly men too! I loved listening into their conversation, they both knew Steve Jobs, so I heard many inside stories!! But more importantly the color of my manicure is called "Tickle my Fancy"!!
We then got a late flight at 10:00 to Portland, woke up to this, love this city, very charming

Time to get a quick workout, then hit the pavement! Hope all is well, God bless, Shirley

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