Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Life is in the blood

 The life of every creature is in its blood... Leviticus 17:14

Thanks for all the prayers, support! She's so strong, peaceful.. She knows where her help comes from!
Our visit with my aunt went great, while we were there she received her new bone marrow! We were under the impression that she would go under while receiving it. But nope, it was through her I.V, line!! We all gathered around her bed, my dad led us in a prayer, for healing, God's will to be done! God has blessed man with such knowledge it's pretty mind blowing! The City of Hope Hospital, is world class!! I will one day God willing, donate to this place! The women who donated her blood for my aunty we love and appreciate you doing such a selfless act! She had to go under 10 times to get the right amount!!  The hospital will provide a charming cottage for my aunt to recover in, for two months. 
After lunch we wanted Aunt Jeannie to rest, before the procedure, so we took the other aunties to the mall!! I know shocking right???? Within minutes we had them in designer jeans, cammies, and cute tops!! I'm blessed with the best aunties in the world, they are so loving, caring, funny! We grew up with them in our daily lives, they all are like second mothers to us girls.
 My momma stayed home and did pick up's for me! Thanks mom I love you so much, this was the scene when we got back, mom looking for food coloring, the girls and her were making home made paint!!! Things only a Grandma would/could do!!!
 The girls and their homemade paint!
 And also a huge thanks to Lynda for helping out as well! She let Gracie come over to help babysit my girls so grandma could take a timeout!!!
OK time to get moving I 'm helping in Sadie's class, then my aunties are coming over!! God bless Shirley

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  1. Thinking of you and your Aunt at this time. So gald that everything went well. Love the handprint drawing...super cute!