Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. Psalms 119:11

Wish soo bad that today we all could have just stayed in our jammies and remained cozy! But nope duty call's, school, volunteering, shopping, cleaning, exercise, LIFE! Thank God that we are all healthy, happy! We had a wonderful evening, John and I met our friends Bianca and Cruz, then took the kids around our neighborhood.
 Sadie had a parade at her school, she was sooo into it, the music was pumping, she was walking and dancing at the same time! That's what I love about this girl she is so into life!
Some of the neighborhood kids, Sage, Sadie and Coco 
 Wish I could have snapped a few more shots, but Chloe wanted to be held so with one hand I got what I could, some costumes were so creative! I think the best ones were home made!
 Coco learning the ropes

 This is my standard position these days, in the driver seat! Feels like my butt is getting flat, due to all the sitting!!!! I have three drop offs, and three different pick ups!  In the Car All The Time!! Oh well just have to combat it with some squats! I now see why a rich person would hire a driver! That's what Little John will be in a year and a half!
 More neighborhood kids
 The crew! Sadie, Chloe, Kristen and Roman
 The big girls were running house to house we had to tell them slow down! Poor Chloe, she was having mini break downs, "Sadie you have to wait for me!!!"
 So nice to have friends in the neighborhood, our dear friends Dan and Charmaine live around the block, Charm is soo cute she always goes all out, she had bags ready for the girls, soo sweet thanks Charm and Marie, love you girls!
 Crazy eyes
 After about an hour we called it good, and went home for the kids to answer our door! They took the job very seriously!
 Chloe and Roman waiting for the bell, Bianca and I kept saying they are sooo cute, can't believe they will grow up one day!
Sage and John ditched us to go to our old neighborhood, to hang with their friends, time fly's I miss the days they were little, I know all too well how fleeting this life is! Have a great day, Shirley


  1. Your tricker or treaters are truly adorable!

  2. Thanks Kelly I think so too! That's a problem I have when people say your kids r cute do I say thank you or I know?? Cause I had nothing to do with it!!