Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Surprise Visit!

Children's children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers. – Proverbs 17:6

Good morning, well this morning, after school we are heading to Bishop! My folks are finally home from Washington, and it's been the longest stretch we have ever gone without seeing them! We try at least once a month, this time it was 3!!!! Way to long the kids don't think it's funny anymore they want their Papa and Grandma, NOW! Thing is we are going to surprise them! My dad and momma read my blog in the evening so hopefully we'll be there before then! 
These two are the best, I wish I still lived right next door, the love and knowledge they have is something to be desired, I want my kids to soak up all they can! 
The kids find so much comfort in their Grandparents
It's Pine Nut season in Bishop, in the fall when the Pine tree's open their cones and the nut is loose, that's where us Indians come in and harvest these nuts. And eat them all winter long! Yummy! 
This is a winnowing basket, after gathering you must separate the pine nut from all the needles, rocks...
My dad grew up doing this season after season, as I have. So it's a tradition that is passed down, and now it's my kids turn they have been Pine nutting many times, but now it's their turn to actually work! We all love on winter days to sit by Papa and eat them he'll even shell a ton for my kids which is work in it's self! But not any more we must work for our own! 
I used to weave baskets, life has gotten in the way for a long time now, I will being getting willows while I'm there,  so I'll have supplies on hand, if I can ever find the time to weave again! 

Here's a cool shot of my sister Rachel's hands weaving a cradle board
 A basket I made my brother Jim years ago
 Beautiful Rachel

Alright time to get moving, I have to pack four kids, and myself! It will be a super quick trip, but hoping to pack as many memories in as I can! I'll be sure to take a ton of pictures for you all, to see what Pine Nutting is all about! God bless, Shirley

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