Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Off to Boston!!

The LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore. Psalms 121:8

Off To Boston this morning!! 
 I feel like I've ran a marathon getting ready for my trip, preparing the house, and kids, packing, clients! I thought yesterday I would just chill, yeah right, I literally didn't sit the whole day except for driving time, which felt like all day! After drop off, I realized it was silly sock day at Sadie's school so I had to run home and get hers, then did a little shopping, back to school for pick up, then babysat a friends kids while she had parent conference, then right when she got here, John and I had parent conference. Home-work, snacks, then Little John's home-Coming outfit shopping. Home just in time for two clients, I was ready to cry at this point, my legs were throbbing, but I held it together, then packed, John walks in from working hard all day, at 8:30 P.M, and says lets go get our $25.00 massage's! Music to my ears so off we went, then back to finish packing! So on to another adventure!! "Why Boston," I've been asked this question a lot! So here is my answer, 5 years ago John had to work there for a month getting a new Naked Juice facility going, so Little John, Sage, and I went to visit for 3 weeks, while he worked, I fell in love with the city, so beautiful, not to mention all the history! My friend Haley has a friend who grew up there, so we've always talked about a girls trip to Boston, and after years of talk we decided to make it happen!!
I'm up early drinking Emergen C, hoping this sore throat goes away! I'm going to miss the kids soo much, but I know they are going to have a blast with Daddy! I made this week a no T.V. week, while I'm home, but once I leave they can watch it, so all yesterday Sadie and Chloe were asking, "Mom when are you leaving!" Ha
 I'm going to miss this guy's first Home-Coming!!!! So bummed, after school he and I scoured the whole county looking for this out fit he had in mind! I usually pick his clothes, but he had his mind made up, I think he looks soo handsome! I pre-ordered his corsage, so he's all set, I begged John to take a ton of pictures of Little John and his date for me!
Well, time to make a last minute check to see if I have everything, I'm not checking any bags so it's all crammed in my suitcase, I had to sit on it to close it!! Wanted to say a huge Thank You to my husband, babe thanks for encouraging me to go, and for working so hard for our family! Love you soo much!!! God Bless, Shirley


  1. Have fun mama! I love Boston too! The city is so old and beautiful l. Little John looks so handsome... he's getting so grown up. xo

  2. Hope you are feeling better and have a great trip! :)
    That sock from the previous post... HILARIOUS!!! It is usually the antipersperants that have aluminum in them. I use OLD SPICE (for men) deoderant (Fresh scent), and never have any BO. I am sure natural is better though.