Our Family

Our Family

Friday, September 23, 2011

Driftwood hunting/ track meet!

So will I sing praise unto thy name for ever, that I may daily perform my vows. Psalms 61:8

Hello sorry it's soo late this morning!! John got home, and we had breakfast together, drank coffee, and needed to de-brief each other! So back on track.... This evening my Uncle and cousin, her kids are coming to spend the weekend with us! Were excited.. So I'm doing my weekly deep cleaning, a friend stopped by with a diaper bag for my sis-n-law, not just any diaper bag a beautiful custom made one! I asked if I could sport it around town until baby was born?? I hope I didn't scare her too bad, I'm in workout clothes with huge ear phones on, and an apron.  Any way yesterday was a blast we took a group of church ladies to the beach to collect their own driftwood for a project Peri and I are doing.
 Miss Peri G. Giving in depth instructions!
 Cami, the preachers sweet wife!

 Me searching!
 I found it!!
 Lucky for Coco she had a friend, they played so sweetly together, she asked for her this morning!
 Coco getting dusted off
 The loot
After the driftwood field trip, I had to rush home and meet a Craig's list lady, I sold my white vanity!! Then on to little John's Cross Country Meet! He did sooo well, he always give it his all, I teared up when he passed us, so proud of him! A huge thanks to Lynda R. She took the most amazing shots!

 Daddy was gone on business, his girls missed him!
 Had to throw this picture of my boot and Chloe girl, I had to laugh, it reminds me of the chair I'm currently coveting, and the throw I want!!

We then took kids to shusi, it was nice to be all together! 
Ok time to blast my Ipod, and keep scrubbing, washing, polishing, dusting, have a great day! Shirley

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