Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Slow down!!

A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps. —Proverbs 16:9

Momma is here!! The little girls and I went to pick her up at the airport yesterday! The girls had to use the restroom so we went inside to the baggage claim to get her, Sadie spotted her and ran with open arms! Chloe was confide to her stroller, so she had to wait till mom reached grandma. Were happy she's here, and it would be even better if PaPa was here as well!!! 
We had to make a Costco run to stock the house while John and I are in New York.
The sample lady gave these two cuties their very own ice creams!!
 Coco was double fisting between a baloney sandwich and a ice-cream!
 My brother Jim is super healthy, he eats very clean! And encourages me to do the same! Last night he sent me a picture of his dinner which was really clean! So I shot back right away with mine!! He was proud of me!!
 Guess who came back from San Fran last night!! Daddy!! He snuck in, Chloe thought she heard something she went to the front door, and said, "Daddy"??? Then jumped into his arms!
GUESS WHAT!!! The reason my post is called Slow Down is, we have been going non-stop!! And This is what happened!!
John and I totally thought our anniversary was on the 6th!! NOPE it was on the 4th!!!! We both were talking to my mom last night and he said, "Honey we have to do something special on Saturday for our anniversary!" I said, "yes of course," then the date flashed through my mind, I said, "oh my gosh, we missed our anniversary!" It was the 4th!!! Bummer! So happy to say that we have made it 15 years!!
 Today's the big wedding day, I have to leave by 8, my mom's coming with to act as my assistant!! Have a blessed day Shirley

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