Our Family

Our Family

Monday, August 1, 2011

Parents pool re-do

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God. Maththew 5:9

Hello, Jim and I finished the pool! It was a huge undertaking, about 14 years ago my little brother Johnny asked my parents for a pool! Not a bad idea. Bishop can get in the 100's in the summer. So after pricing the cost of concrete, they decided to put in a vinyl pool, we sunk it in the ground, then built a deck around it. We've enjoyed it sooo much in the summer, as have many neighborhood kids, cousins, friends. But with that comes major up-keep. We've replaced the liner so many times, the time came again after last summer a metal pole was drove into it!! But since my folks are at their vacation home in Washington, my brother and I decided that we would re-place it for my parents. Thank God my brother is a Superintendent for a big construction company, they built hospitals, schools, prisons. So this was a piece of cake for him, and his side kick!!  I was so impressed with his skills, I really learned a lot of tricks! We laughed, teased, talked, for two days, I love and appreciate my big brother more than words can say!
I know these pictures are horrible but here is my big bro working late into the night!
The finished product!! Kids and I are going to relax, and swim today, I'm going to take them out to eat, then later were building a bonn fire, and roasting marshmallow's.
Alright time to get my workout done, I made today a no T.V. day, and no computer, I better practice what I'm preaching, and get off line, Shirley

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