Our Family

Our Family

Friday, August 12, 2011

New York day 2

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Getting really home sick! Missing my babies sooo bad, thinking of bumping up my flight?? My feet are sore, my heart is heavy, so well see! Other than that yesterday was great we seen so much and walked even more. New Yorkers LOVE their city! They get so excited to share it with people, they literally light up when you tell them it's your first time here. I met John at a restaurant after one of his meetings, his employee and his girlfriend, were both raised here,  so they showed us around. 
Yesterday we went to Ground Zero, it's amazing to see in real life, tons of construction going on, many tourists taking pictures. It's hard to imaging the horror of that day!
 The Financial District just like the movies, business people all around, all in a mad rush!!
 We were just walking no clue where we were, or where we were headed, just trying to look busy! Then all of a sudden I get a glimpse, and I shout out, "Oh there she is!!" John said who?? I said our Lady of Liberty!! He said, "who",  I then had to point her out, we went to get a closer look!
 Amazing, this almost made me cry, she's really beautiful
 Then I ask a officer do you know where the Natural Museum of the American Indian is, she laughed and pointed right behind me! Perfect, two items off my list in one shot!
 The photos were amazing!!
 On a wall they have a list of all known tribes names, I found mine!!!
 And many others that are around my area.
 Even a few of my Great Grandmothers, and Aunts baskets were on display there! If they only could see this!

 Beautiful garment made from Canadian Indians

 Had an amazing salad at Dean and Deluca, fun location, to people watch!!
 Ok so it's no secret I LOVE Italy, have I been there no, but I know that once I go it will be a struggle to get me home!! So to Little Italy we went, oh my goodness! I could have spent the whole time there and been sooo happy, I'm telling you the air even seemed different! We ate at this cute little place, the best Italian food ever, the owner a beautiful older women, she sat outside and coaxed people in, she was a character, full of life, she made my experience so much more rich!

 We finished up paid the bill, and a white limo was right there, he asked if we needed a ride to our hotel, we jumped in.
OK time to go, talk soon, Shirley


  1. Thank you for sharing your pictures! I love looking at your New York adventure. Keep having fun.

  2. Wow! Sounds like you are having an amazing time. I hope you have safe travels home. I would have love to see little italy, and the American Indian Museum. And to find your tribe. Wow! How cool.

  3. Thanks, Cory, Sarah, our time in New York was great! I'd defenetly recommend anyone to visit at least once in their life, sooo amazing to see so many Historic places that your read about, or have seen in movies!