Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Grant Lake

A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands. Proverbs 14:1

Hello from Bishop, time is going way too fast already! John always says isn't a week enough time in Bishop for you?? My answer is always it's never enough time! That's how I truly feel. I love it here so much, the beauty, nature, family, it's what my spirit needs... Yesterday we went to Grant Lake with John and Cindy, my in-laws, we had a blast! Papa took us on the boat, the girls were smiling the whole time! We set anchor and jumped in, I was right, the water was freezing, but so refreshing!!
This is Cindy's Jeep! The kids all wanted to ride up to the lake with their (cool) grandma, instead of their square momma!
It's soo amazing, I was blown away at God's creation once again!
Don't interrupt in deep though! 
Such a beauty Sage

 Grandma was so happy to spend time with her grand kids
 Papa was making turns, going fast, the girls loved every second
 And of course miss fashion wanted this towel tied around her head!

 Aunt Jenny is such a great, caring, auntie
 These two had a dock fight, they were trying to throw each other in the water

 Coco had so much fun
 I love when these two have no friends around and have to play with each other
 Grandma teaching the kids Yotzy
 With in minutes these two were out!!!
 Sadie with our dog Sphene we keep him in Bishop.
 Uncle Jim got here late last night, the girls ran and sat in his lap this morning, they both love him sooo much! He lets them walk on grandmas ceiling, he used to do this with Sage and John but of course he couldn't even attempt to lift them now!
Time to help Jim with the pool, I can hear the drill going. The big kids are still at the lake with their grandparents, coming home tomorrow. God bless, Shirley

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