Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fun weekend project

Comfort each other and edify one another. —1 Thessalonians 5:11

Good morning, our plan was to make a small driftwood chandelier, and a sunburst mirror, but John wanted to start building Sages bed!!! Can't tell you how happy that made me! I just want to rap these rooms up.. So after four trips to Home-Depot!! We finally got started late afternoon yesterday! My friend Peri designed the bed, it is a platform bed, with side's and a back. We stained it a dark brown, then added grey stain, and topped it off with black wax! The color turned out sooo cool! I can hear the drill as I'm typing this, John is assembling it right now! Here are a few shots of the beginning stages.....

We wanted the color to resemble old barn wood
We are going to add old metal hardware

 All our supplies tomorrow I'll go into detail about how to make a bed like this, it's surprisingly easy!
In the morning we did a Starbucks run, here is a shot of Sammy, this was Little John's little friend, 14 years ago, and has taken turns with all four!! He joined us for coffee
 Sadie went in her whole jammy assemble, robe, slippers!!!
 Grace slept over
Silly girls
 Coco sipping
 Then crashed soo hard, she had a big play date, and came home exhausted!!
 The nap didn't end there she came down stairs only to fall back asleep for another hour!

 Alright I must jam, notice the time I have to be at church in 10 minutes, it's our blessed Sunday to teach in the toddlers class!!!!! Prayers please!!! Shirley

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