Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Driftwood Chandelier photo shoot

From the place of His dwelling He looks on all the inhabitants of the earth. —Psalm 33:14

Thursday my friend Lynda and I gathered all our kids, taking them to the beach for a photo shoot of the newest chandelier John and I made. It was really windy, the chandelier was whipping in the wind, even then, Lynda was able to capture some really great shots! My brother Jim gave me this Manzanita branch from off his property. We thought it would be the perfect prop to hang the fixture.

Lynda setting up
 Driftwood tea candle holders
 My Sadie and I
 The girls having fun
Sage and Chloe
Sadie was so brave it was really cold out!
Well after baby Treasure was at our house Chloe was inspired to revert into a baby again!!
 Really milking it! She never had a bottle as a baby, so any chance, or any bottle that gets left here, she seizes the opportunity!
God bless you today, John and I are going to make a sunburst driftwood mirror, also a smaller driftwood chandelier. Shirley


  1. wowza! You and John make such a fabulous tema. It looks absolutely incredible!

  2. Thanks Leah! Stayed tuned a home made bed coming soon!!!