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Our Family

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chalk board project, and the fair

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones. Proverbs 17:22

Good morning, I'm embarrassed to say that I slept in way late today! I guess my body needed the extra rest. The bummer is we are going to miss church, but John and I are going to have our own mini church session with the kids. Yesterday someone asked me how did we make the chalk board? Below is a write up on the chalkboard project... John and I took the little girls to the Camarillo Street Fair, our town puts it on once a year. Our downtown is super cute, but we hardly ever get down there, were just so wrapped up with our routine. So it was nice to see so many people enjoying our town. Sadie and Chloe were sooo excited about the rides, we let them ride until the tickets ran out! Sadie was squealing with delight, she ran from one ride to the next. At first Chloe was a little hesitant but joined Sadie in the excitement.

 Sadie and I on the Super Slide!!!
 It took John all night to recover from this spiny ride he took the girls on!!

 We then met our friends Dan and Charmaine for Chinese food
 We know the owner and he always treats the girls extra special, this time they got their own plate of cookies!
Now chalk board time,
 1. You need a great frame (look at thrift stores, yard sales)
 2. Or if you want to attempt to make your own you need to buy base boards material, and get your dimensions, have the guys at home depot cut your 90degree edges. Then glue the corners together, and hammer in some small finish nails. Next caulk the corners, and paint.

 3. Buy a big piece of Masonite board.
4. Chalk board paint
5. Paint the Masonite board let dry for about 4 hours then apply another coat.

6. Use small wood screws and screw in the Masonite board to the frame, and Wallah a custom home-made chalk board!!!!
Have a blessed day, Shirley


  1. That fair looks really fun and that's a pretty cool chalkboard!!!

  2. Thanks Kelly the fair was fun not too big, You should give the chalkboard a try sooo easy!