Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Progress on girls room re-do!

As newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the Word, that you may grow thereby. —1 Peter 2:2

Lot's of progress yesterday! We are almost done with the clay chandelier, just a few finishing touches!! The girls bed frames are painted, the chalk board and frame are made, just need to wax, sand, it. The little girls ceiling has it's first two coats of paint on it, but need a third, we used a metallic paint that NEEDs to be stirred constantly, so one more coat should do?? Today we are going to paint the room, finish the chalk board, and chandelier,  also assemble the beds. But God first, taking kids to church. 

Here she is! Not complete yet! Hand made clay beads, mixed with African bone beads!

 Finishing the top today, to give it a finished look!
The girls bed frames, ready to be painted! Done....
Chloe's cute toes and fingers
 Sadie, Chloe and their friend Grace's little hands, we played beauty shop, I pretended to be the "nail" girl, Chloe was Justin Bieber wife, with five kids, Sadie and Grace were "girly, girls" that were BFFL, shopping and getting manicures! So cute to hear their dialog, while in a pretend world!
Have a blessed day, love, Shirley

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