Our Family

Our Family

Friday, June 17, 2011

True story

You have made known to me the paths of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence. Act 2:28
  My Bible study started the Beth More Breaking Free class yesterday! So excited I gained so much the first day, can't wait to see what's ahead! She talked about how what ever we give to God, with our whole heart, holding nothing back, whether it be hurt, anger, sadness, God will take it from us. I truly believe that, people hold on to way to many things, afraid to completely trust that God can, and will take it all away, making us new again! 
I Know it's super long but a true, amazing story, read on!!!!
   I've experienced this many years ago, when my "best" friend, who's also my cousin, became paralyzed from the waist down. We were swimming in the Bishop River on the second day of summer. I graduated from 8th grade, she was a freshman, we did everything together! Well alcohol was involved, and she dove head first into the river, the moment her feet left the ground, I knew something terrible had happened, first off she didn't know how to dive good, so I waited for her head to surface. I started to scream "get her" everyone looked at me like I was crazy, since it was only seconds that she dived in. Her brother my cousin was only a short distance from her, so I yelled grab her, he swam to her and tried to lift her head out of the water, but her neck just flopped back and forth. I jumped in by then and we floated her in the water, nobody those days had cell phones and town was a good 10 miles from where we were, so off went our other cousin to get help. She was unconscious for about 5 minutes, the look on her face was so beautiful, I told everyone please pray, I was asking God please don't take her! Her eyes finally opened, and the first thing she said, was,"I seen Jesus!" "He was holding me in the clouds, He said I have to go back, I told Him, I don't want to!" Then next thing she knew she was back on earth floating in the water with me on one side her brother on the other! They helicoptered her out to Reno that night, she had broken a vertebra in her neck, causing her to be paralyzed from the waist down. I moved with her for her rehab, we were that close! My parents let me start high school in Nevada, I helped her mom and dad take care of her, it was tough, I developed migraines, started to get panic attacks, it was a rough year for sure. But I love her so much I did any and everything for her. During my freshman year my folks saw how hard it was on me and made me move back home. I had to release her, and work on my self, a very hard decision. One night at home sick and tired of the guilt, the migraines, the panic attacks, I cryed out to God, with my whole heart, thank God everyone was at church because I was really crying out, asking him to take all these things from me, and right in front of me shone a bright light, so bright I couldn't open my eyes, and a complete peace washed over me. I let it all go!
                             Amity and I! Love you

    The girls making cookies with Grandma!
 Yep more food!!

Be blessed today Shirley, were off to LA, then to Santa Barbara our friends are having their first church service tonight if your in the area come on by, info hereSanta Barbara House of Prayer

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