Our Family

Our Family

Friday, June 24, 2011

Home sweet Home

Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity? —Job 2:10
Were Home!
Saying goodbye was so hard, it always is!! No matter the length of time, it's still hard tears are always shed. I called my dad to let them know we made it home safe, he said, " It's just not right here, it's so quiet!" I said, "Come on dad admit it is kinda nice too!" He admitted! This is a shot of us my momma took right before we loaded into the car. 
A picture of the Slee girls 30 minutes after getting home!! They all got ready for bed, Sage had her face mask on, they were excited to be home! Sage kept saying wow mom I didn't realize how our house smells so good! It's the ocean air, I smell it soo strong when we return home, coming from mountain air it smell soo different!
OK so while in Bishop my dad took the girls to the local pet store three days in a row!! The girls got to hold puppies, begging PaPa for something, anything!! I received phone calls while they were there saying please mom! The answer was always sure if the pet stays in Bishop!!! My dad sent this shot of Sadie saying Please Mom!! Nope
SO my dad caved and bought two disgusting mice! They named them the two amigos, the last day we were there they let them go into the field! 

Tonight is the Allison Krauts concert should be fun! "All we have is today" so make the most of it! Shirley

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