Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bishop trip!

I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” Palms 91:2

Hello from Bishop, Ca!! Were having a great time here, our reunion with the girls was amazing, they were waiting outside for us, with PaPa, Grandma, and uncle and auntie, they ran to the car soo excited. WE hugged, kissed, admired them, a week is an eternity without my girls! Although it was nice to take a week break, it's so much better to have them with me! Chloe only wanted her Daddy! It broke my heart, she was like an wild animal to me at first, but then settled down. We cuddled, played, read stories. Love being a mommy, you're sooo needed for every little thing. Amazing!! The first night we got here we loaded up the car and went fishing at Lake Sabrina, we only caught one fish that was too small so we let it go. John and I were like tourist even though we both grew up here, you forget the beauty of the mountains! It utterly takes my breath away! We both kept looking at each other saying wow isn't this amazing???
My Chloe, she's such a wild, nature girl at heart!
Bonding with my little princess, missed her so much Sadie has such a sweet, gentle soul!
 Here's my Sage! She had a song ready for me that she made up, soooo beautiful, she gave Sadie a small part in it! Sp proud of the sweet, huge heart my Sage has!
 On our first fishing trip
 Grandma so gentle, wise, such a invaluable person to my children!
 The rocks we had to climb to get to the good, fishing spot! Sadie said, God made me an artist not a rock climber"!!! Too funny!

 My big brother Jim, who is also my best friend! Love him soo mucho
 And the women behind it all!! My momma
 Buba and his baby Chloe he said to me mom how can God make such a cute little girl??
 Twins Sadie and my dad

 Jim made a fathers day lunch of Sushi! So fun and surprisingly easy!!!

My sister Jenny, She is one of the kindest, gentlest person I know! She is always there for me and my kids, Love you Jenn!

 Sage at my friend Brenda's house, Phil and Brenda are John and my friends from grade school! Brenda is also my best friend, we've been through so much together babies, LIFE! Love her, their house is so amazing, they are super self sufficient, growing much of their food, animals, just super cool you should see their pantry, caned food for days!
 Brenda, John, Coco, and I
 Our second fishing trip, Top secret area! So fun.....
 The views will leave you amazed at God's creation!

 Nature girl
 My parents, their wisdom is truly inspiring, if I've learned a 1/4 of what they know I'm doing good! On our hike literally every flower, plant Sage would ask Grandma what is this one called, she knew every one! And my father could survive in the wild no problem! I want little John to learn as much as he can from this man! He's amazing.
We all had to cross this log!! Only one panic attack I'm not saying from who!

 Our catch

Today is broiling here, in the high 90's, we are headed over to Brenda's pond, to cool off! My parents pool is broken!!! I'm having a hard time with that! I look soo forward to swimming laps, reading here, but this spoiled brat is adapting! 

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