Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Growing up

This is the love of God, that we keep His commandments. And His commandments are not burdensome. —1 John 5:3
Little John's graduation present from us was a bank account! So yesterday I took him to the bank to open it, he was soo excited, with the money he has saved on his own, plus Uncle Jim's generous gift, as well as ours, he now has a nice account he can feel proud of and keep building! I just sat back watching him work with the bank associate, holding back tears, can't believe my little boy is turning into a man! So crazy!! 
After we went to lunch, he payed for his own meal using his ATM! He didn't like using his own money but I wanted him to try it out! So cute seeing him get online to "do his banking" when we got home.
 Kim and her treasure, we took dinner to Kim,Jake, and their 6 kids! So fun to visit with them, such a sweet, loving family their starting a new church in Santa Barbara, check it out here Santa Barbara House of Prayer
 My dad sent me this picture of Sage riding his tractor, the girls are having soo much fun at my parents, I'm seriously afraid they won't want to come home!! Between playing with their second cousins, riding horses, stories from PaPa, Grandma, crafts, yummy food, my friend calls it "The Hess Camp for Girls" her daughter went with Sage last summer and had a blast! I'm soo blessed to have you mom and dad love you, thanks so much for giving me a break.

Super busy day ahead three clients back to back this morning, then striping the girls rooms to get ready for paint. A plan has been devised for both Sage, lil girls room can't wait it is going to be soo cool! Ok time to get my workout done, have a great day, Shirley 

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