Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, June 16, 2011

All over the place!

For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call. Acts 2:38
Just got off the phone with Sage, she's having a great time in Bishop! She's working on a song with my mom, she sang part of it over the phone, it's so beautiful, she's going to sing it for us in church on Sunday! My mom made me laugh, while coloring with Chloe, Chloe said, "Grandma why are you sad?" My mom said, "Chloe I'm not sad," So in her little hands she grabbed grandmas and said, "I'll pray for you," Dear Jesus help Grandma to eat healthier!!!" So funny that's what I pray for Chloe! 
On another note remember the clay chandelier I took a photo of In Anthropology, while we were in Santa Monica? After pricing out the price of beads, we decided to make our own out of clay! We are going to make two one for each girls rooms.
Here's a shot of one of the sweetest, happiest babies in the world, my friend/client's daughter Lena
 Getting my fill of babies while mine are gone!
 John and I laid out in the sun, swam laps, then headed to Thousand Oaks for our $20.00 massage's! So wonderful!! Next onto Shaved Ice

 Then dinner at my favorite Italian place in Agoura, if you're starting to wonder if this is a food blog, No it's not we just are indulging while girls are out of town!! John's friends mom wanted to take the boys surfing instead so I was fine with that.
 If you know me you know that my breath smells like garlic 99% of the time a huge SORRY! But I love it sooo much we mince it and put over almost anything!
 The "best" meal, grilled veggies with chicken!!
 John said this was the best spaghetti he's ever had! The place is called Padri
 Today looks super gloomy, I have my Bible study this A.M, so must do a quick circuit workout, box jumps, jump rope, curls, push ups, takes about 25 minutes. Have a great day for this is the day!! Shirley


  1. I haven't stopped by in a while. HOPE you know how much I do enjoy my visits! Enjoy your time with hubby...the little ones will return soon and you'll be wanting another break....if you're anything like our daughter!! ;-) Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Deb, your right I will be longing for another break before I know it! That's awesome you give your daughter a break now and again, I hope to be that type of grandparent as well! It's a blessing!

  3. i can't wait to see the clay bead chandeliers! I thought of you today when I spotted some beautiful drfitwood.

  4. Wow coming from a truly inspiring blogger thanks Leah!! I check your blog daily!! Pictures of the clay chandelier soon to come!! Also going on a major drift wood hunt tomorrow!!