Our Family

Our Family

Friday, May 13, 2011

Home schooling

"Forsake me not, O LORD: O my God, be not far from me" Palms 38:21
Kelly Korner blog ask about homeschooling. My first job was for Shea Schat the owner of Schat's Bakery in Bishop California, I was the nanny/homeschool teacher! I absolutely fell in love with homeschooling through this job. I could see the freedom, the kids had to be themselves, without the pressure from public school. Their imaginations were like nothing I have ever seen! When I became a mother at age 17 I knew that I would like to give it a go! However this did not happen until lil John and Sage were in 4th and 5th grade. During this time I had Sadie, and I was feeling so disconnected from my kids, I'd kiss them goodbye in morning then rush in evening with dinner, homework, bed! I was so exhausted with the new baby and missing my first two sooo much! I decided to pull them out of public school and home school! So happy I did, I felt a reconnection to them, and they both thrived academically! But after a years and a half they were missing their friends so much, and I was so busy with homeschool, new baby, writing a book, and did I mention I was a full time student as well???? So yes every second of my time was booked! Finally the kids were getting bored missing their friends, and I was looking for a break as well, so back to public school they went! I still struggle with my choice, but at the same time I'm so happy to see them doing their chores, getting ready, in the morning, and off to school! I see the benefits of both home school and public school. 
One of our field trips Mammoth Mountain!!!

Fishing in Bishop

And of course school work


  1. Thank you for sharing both sides. You sound like an amazing mama, and I love that some of your story happens in Bishop. It is where my heart lives. :-) I know that every town and area has things that are not the best, but from Lone Pine, Big Pine, and all the way up to the Mammoth area... we try to get up as often as we can, which is NOT often enough for me. I LOVE the bakery you spoke of. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have a little one going into the 3rd grade. I want so badly to homeschool him, but my husband is very against it. I want to do it just for one year just to see if we can get his behavior under control. Thanks for your post! I enjoyed reading it!

  3. @ Cory Love when you say IT is where my heart lives! Cause I feel the same way that is where I was born and raised! Thanks for reading!

    @ Juli, I too had opposition at first but when my husband seen what the kids were learning, he was impressed and their Star testing scores vastly improved as well!

  4. I love your post! I have felt so stressed at time with our decision to homeschool, mostly because now I have absolutely ZERO alone time or time that's just for me and my husband. It's hard and it's not for everyone. We do always aske the girls if they miss their friends and if they want to go back. So far neither one has wanted to, but they know that option is open for them should they choose.
    Hope you're have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Oh thanks April, Yes it's a sacrifice, for your kids to homeschool, and there will be no time for your self! When I was homeschooling I made sure I went in the garage for an hour of "me" time!! That helped sooo much.