Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Being frugal

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her. —Ephesians 5:25
This week I decided to try something out! Instead of going to Vons, Trader Joes, and Costco, like I do weekly stocking up on groceries. I decided to use everything in my pantry and freezer. Were on day three! It's been easy so far but I can see it will only go downhill from here! It was funny on Sunday John said, "ok so here is what we need this week at the grocery store,"...... I said, "oh forgot to tell you, that I'm trying something new, and we are going to actually use what we have instead of piling new stuff on top of the old!" He said ok fine that will save me money! He did however have to go get some milk. I think it's wise to use what we have, being put out of our comfort zone a little. It's also made me realize when I'm out shopping it leads to sooo many impulse buys! I rarely have a list and just throw whatever into the basket, so after this week I'm hopping to be more mindful. 
On another note I am absolutely in Love with my driftwood chandelier, as well as many positive comments, that I'm thinking of my next project! Here is a shot of a mirror with a heavy rope with drift wood all around I'd like to make. 

This is where I found this cool idea,  I think that it would be a fun project with the kids!
 All you need is twine, Mod Podge, and a inflatable ball you won't care to pop!

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  1. I have possibly helpful shopping advice now that you have the IPhone. I use the "notes" memo and whenever we are low on something or run out I add it to my either Costco, TJ's, or Vons memo list. I always have my phone on me, so I can instantly update my list and when I am at the store I have my list with me and just mark off everything as I add it to the cart. It helps me not to forget anything and not to buy what we don't need. I'm loving it. I always make shopping lists and probably 90% of the time forget my list at home or in the car, now I am a much more proficient shopper. Eating what you have is a great plan though, we try to do that and it is hard, but with 6 kids it might get easier and easier! Bread and milk are always the staples that I can't keep enough of, but I just started buying extra bread and freezing a few loafs. It's saved me trips to to store, and now Jake wants me to bake our bread! I don't know when I'll be ready for that, but possibly soon. Love the blog, love you. Kimberly