Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kims baby shower

What a wonderful, blessed evening. The shower turned out perfect. I prayed before that God's peace, presence would be in my home, it was. Kim requested a Mexican dinner, so I went to our favorite meat market and ordered trays of carnasada, chicken, beans, rice, corn torteas, flour. It was soo good. Kims mother-in law made the best cheesecake, her mom made a berry cobbler, (heaven). I always buy white hydrangeas from Trader Joes, so I assumed they would have them. Wanting the flowers to be fresh I went @ 3 to buy them. No white hydrangeas... I searched all of Camarillo looking, after two floral shops, two Vons, one Ralphs, I was able to piece together five center pieces!

The drift wood candle holders were a huge hit, just glad Alisha didn't "hit" anyone who got in the way of hers!!! I gave a couple of them away, John and I are going to search for a long one to be our center piece.

Heres a shot of the "leftovers"
And of course the guest of honor Kim! Did I ever mention this is her sixth baby! Aewsome.. (we had a slid show of her journey with all six babies, so sweet)!
Julianna and Jessica
Kim and I
Some of the ladies
Kim and her mommy
Mother in-law
Kim and her two girls
Sadie and Goldie
My baby
Kim and all her loot.


  1. Looks like a hit... Love Jim

  2. I do love you Jim we all wish you'd come visit!!!

  3. Looks wonderful Mitz; I want to come down and visit toooo!!

  4. Want to come down and visit tooo!! Auntie Love ya

  5. At your mom & dad's visiting; we are admiring the pics. I love that song on your blog "Third Day"; I bought that CD after LB left. Reminds me of him.