Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Good morning, we get another beautiful day to give God thanks, thanks for everything, our home, health, family, friends, food. Not in this order...
We left Palm Springs on Tuesday, knowing that our dear childhood friends Phil, Brenda, and their two boys were meeting us at our house. The timing was perfect we both pulled into our driveway minutes apart! My cell phone died on Saturday, I had no idea what time they would arrive, hoping they wouldn't have to wait outside our house for hours. We've had such a blessed visit, I've laughed till it hurt, I think i've had a huge smile the whole time! So nice to reminisce, make new memories. Brenda and Phil have a beautiful home where John and I both grew up, they plant a huge garden yearly, yielding beautiful food. Were lucky enough to have our own row of garlic they plant for us, we eat a lot of garlic, we mince it, mix with olive oil, then spread over almost anything, meat, bread, pasta soooo yummmyyy! Thanks Phil and Bren.
Here is a shot of one of our many meals
making delicious Kabobs
Although we've enjoyed their visit, we feel like we've been put through Boot Camp! They are huge Crossfit buffs (crossfit is an intense workout, using speed, form to perform) very hard!
We climbed the stairs @ our local high school, mixed with pushups, laps around the track.
Within minutes Phil had a fan club! A childrens track team were there practicing all of a sudden I hear mass cheering, I look to see what the kids are cheering about? Phil is doing headstand pushups! So they invite him to help pace their fastest runner
And just for fun a shot of sisterly Love

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