Our Family

Our Family

Monday, April 25, 2011


I love Easter Sunday church service, we try every year to return "home", to Bishop the little town where John and I grew up. My momma is the assistant pastor at our church in Bishop, I've been going there since I was born, there is a trail leading to the church from my folks house. We've been going to Juibillee an awesome, spirit filled church here in Camarillo, I finally feel at home. So back to yesterday morning, I was soo excited for service when John said,"hey it's our Sunday"! Which means it's our turn to do the child care!!!! I had to do some serious praying, we love the kids but dread it as well. Being a full time mommy I so look forward to getting to drop the kiddies off and sit for an hour of uninterrupted listening to great preaching! Oh well it was fine, we had the worship service, which I fully took in what I could!
Our dear friends host a big Easter bash every year at their home, if were not in Bishop we go there! Their family has become our family, I thank God for them.
Night before Easter the girls colored eggs at a friends house
Today Lil John and I are going on a "date" frozen yogurt/movie, he asked me if it could be just us two! Love that my 14yr old still want to spend time with his momma, getting choked up thinking he's going into high school next year!! Also only 4 more years in our household, I'm determined to make every day count.
My son

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